Cheesy Does It……..

Now as regular readers will know our weekly shops usually include several delicious cheeses. We have bought ourselves a delicious collection of cheeses from our local deli, our local cheese store and our local markets. We are aware that we buy quite a bit of cheese each week, but we are going to put this out there – we love cheese! Ian can even eat cheese with a veggie meal and not moan (much) about the lack of meat content!

shopping week 10

Way back when in our supermarket days we would usually buy ourselves a standard cheddar, some goats cheese perhaps and maybe some brie or stilton, never anything all that exciting, with the odd treat from the deli counter.

Nowadays however we are treated to the finest cheeses found in Oxfordshire, delicious strong cheddars, English stilton and some great soft cheeses. We have also discovered a new family favourite, Cornish Yarg (mmmmmm) and we have had a great time chatting to people who really know and love cheese!

We have had some cheese disappointments since starting our challenge, a couple of cheeses we were not so keen on, but we suppose this is just an inevitable part of exploring new foods! We did buy a couple of camemberts (at a very reasonable price indeed) from a local market before we started our challenge; on eating one we found it to be very mild, so we have left the other in fridge to ripen, 3 months later it is starting to smell as a good camembert should, Ian would like to keep this out of the fridge to make the process quicker but on smell grounds Becksie refuses!  Ian is getting very excited about eating this, watch out for it in a future post!!

Our favourite way to eat cheese are with biscuits and bread, perhaps some pate and chutneys, either with a meal, after a meal, for some supper or just because you happen to be passing the fridge (something we both do but don’t own up to each other about)! Good tip – when you go out a cheese board is sometimes better than a dessert!

We love to cook with cheese too; goats cheese and red onion tarts, potato and leek cheese crumble, cheesy sweetcorn bake (a Gray family classic!), cheese scones, baked camembert, homemade pizzas, cheese fondue, cauliflower cheese, the list goes on and on!


One of our New Year recipe resolutions was to make a Cheese Soufflé from Becksie’s very first ever cook book – guaranteed to be coming to a blog near you in the next few months!!

The recipe we promise to try

The recipe we promise to try

We were tempted to make it this evening for dinner, however being slightly short on time we instead plumped for the slightly easier sausages, mashed potatoes, carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower and………..CHEESE SAUCE!!

p.s. Ian has a crazy plan to make his own cheese, he has a vague recollection of seeing a program about it once – watch his space to see if a) Becksie lets him and b) if it then works!



Chicken Chicken and more Chicken!

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Food Waste

food waste 2So today’s big news story seems to be all about food waste! The statistics seem to say that people are throwing away half of their weekly shopping! These stories and the picture have today made Team Pugh hugely sad and so we guess tonight’s blog post aims to offer our two-penneth worth!

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