A very exciting venture

Our year without supermarkets has brought with it many things, great food, money saving, new friends, new experiences and now……. a new venture.

For a while now Becksie has been wanting to start a little business (think Sir Alan).

Just over a year a go Becksie met Lotty at WI and over time we decided we both wanted to start a venture using our sewing and event organising skills.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWell…… guess what? We have taken the plunge and can now proudly present:


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe won’t say anymore but we’d be very excited if you’d:

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe promise it won’t interfere with things over here at a year without supermarkets which is business as usual (we are working on a face lift though) but Becksie and Lotty will be blogging recipes and putting on very exciting events that we will mention from time to time, who knows there may also be special offers for year without supermarket readers. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES






Time Vulture

We hope today finds everybody well. Today finds Team Pugh on the verge of a couple of little mini challenges…………..!

wrapping 8A few posts ago we asked for ideas for new challenges and we were lucky to get several suggestions. Our most lovely email was from a lovely reader called  Frances. Now Frances made a couple of suggestions and after careful thought we have decided to attempt her second suggestion. Now this challenge isn’t something we’ll find all that hard as its not something we do that much anyway but…… none the less it is a good challenge that taking part in will enrich our lives.

Here is the challenge as proposed to us in her email:

‘No TV for a month (I am currently trying this one although clearly the internet is not in that suggestion but I have forced limits on my time wasting on it).  Personally I don’t watch much but do get a bit tied to the tv/internet catching up on endless ‘must see’ series etc to the point of not doing anything else!  I work long hours and think I don’t have any free time when in reality I have found that’s rubbish.  I sat and worked out my times spent on laptop/tv and realised I could have learnt a language/musical instrument/ conquered the world blah blah, etc etc in the time I waste, so I am forcing a limit to it all to stop my lazy self completely taking over making me feel like I do nothing but work and slump in the chair.  It’s early days, but amazing how much I have got done, not to mention the fact that I was always exhausted at work and suddenly awake all day due to….going to bed earlier!’

Now at first we thought actually this will be easy for us as we don’t watch that much TV and the last sentence of the above quote struck a cord with us! We must say that when we were blogging daily we did in actual fact watch less television than we have watch over the last few weeks and whilst a hard challenge it was a good discipline to have. So we have decided to start tomorrow and do a month to the day which conveniently means come Christmas Day we will be allowed to enjoy some festive television.christmas prep

Are we worried? What will we miss? Well……. the answer is no we are excited as in order to keep ourselves busy we have lots of exciting plans, will we miss anything? We really don’t think it will be anything we can’t live without. Lizzie might be slightly sad at the thought of no Peppa Pig but….. we promise to keep her busy with more exciting and lovely things. Thank you so much for your suggestion Frances we hope you don’t mind us quoting your lovely email. Whilst we are not saying TV is bad we are thinking of all the things we could achieve if we stopped ourselves sitting with The Time Vulture on the run up to Christmas. Anyone else fancy joining us?

And…… the second of our mini challenges………

wi 8Well you may remember last year Becksie made Lizzie an advent calendar? Well this year we are filling it with daily fun activities and kindness missions and we thought that we should share them with you in a daily blog marking advent. So join us from 1st December for our advent blogs, you can also join in with the activities and challenges on the run up to the festive season. How very exciting :).

wi 7

One more thing……. here is last weeks shopping which came from Millets farm and weighed in at £27.70p!becka 2

A Little Update

update 6Well it’s nearly been a week and already we miss blogging but it is also nice to not have the (self-created pressure) of daily blogs! Firstly we must say a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent us such lovely comments and emails. We were truly overwhelmed by your kindness and so touched by people saying they would miss our daily blogs. We are also thrilled that after reading what we consider our ramblings some folk have changed their shopping habits or also gone supermarket free! Wow! This gives us (and hopefully you) hope that you really can change the world from your living room!!

update 5So what have we been up to? Have we been to a supermarket? Well…… We’ve been up to lots and…. no we haven’t been to a supermarket. We seem to have had a busy week and already we are unsure how for a whole year we managed to blog every single day! So what have we been busy doing? update 7Becksie has been sewing and out and about doing her voluntary work and WI bits and pieces and of course looking after the smallest member of our team. Ian has had another busy week at work and Lizzie has been super busy being uber cute and amazing!update 4

Whats really interesting is that Becksie who usually LOVES cooking has found it hard work this week – perhaps she is taking the blogging rest to include cooking! Despite that we have eaten lots of tasty meals which as requested by some readers we will list in a moment. We are amazed that people are interested in what we have for tea as we would imagine this to be uninteresting but…… here goes  – sausage and mash with cabbage, carrots and sweetcorn, homemade leek and potato soup and homemade focaccia, , homemade meatballs (using some of Jane from Dews Meadow farm awesome pork and apple burgers) in an italian sauce (using our tomato sauce) with rice, fishcake and homemade chips and Lizzie’s favourite peeeeeeeeeereeaaasssss (always shouted) and last night a quick lamb tagine type thingy ma bob with spinach and sweetcorn rice. Tonight’s tea cooked by Ian…….. beans on toast!

update 9Our shopping was done at Faringdon farmers market and the lovely Hare in the Woods deli. We did allow ourselves a trip to a local bargain shop where we bought beans and a few other tins and….., a box of Rice Krispies – to make….. Krispie cakes!!! update 10Can not wait to do this! It was odd shopping there but we feel it still isn’t a supermarket and as we keep telling ourselves we have finished our year after all. So a total spend of £34.98 – don’t worry we had plenty of vegetables in stock already so have not gone vitamin deficient hehe.

update 3We had a little article in the Oxford Mail yesterday which is exciting – we had a call to say the photographer was coming within the hour so we had to do an emergency tidy (you know ram stuff in cupboards type tidy) and at the last second change Lizzie out of the PJ and tutu combo she had been wearing since playing ballet with mummy in her bedroom. And then today a lovely lady called Katie knocked on the door to tell us we were on P33 of The Times! To say we were excited was an understatement – double triple eekk! We feel really proud of this achievement along with our features in other papers and of course on Radio 4 – all we need now is an interview on the Jeremy Vine show (this is Becksie’s dream – she loves Mr. Vine).update 8

We have been thinking about whats next for us and so far nothing has struck as a ‘good’ idea (this is a dangerous time – we could decide on anything hehe) so we will for a while longer rest (our version of resting). We are hoping to share some recipes soon and perhaps a few more thoughtful thoughts so stay tuned and thank you once again for your support.