Our First Foodie Penpal

When the lovely Emma guest blogged for us she also (using the magic of twitter) introduced us to an amazing concept called foodie penpals. This is a great idea that partners you up each month with someone somewhere on planet earth and gets you to send a parcel to someone and someone else sends one to you (that is the worst explanation ever but…..you’ll get what we mean).parcel 2

We were so fascinated and as we LOVE both sending and receiving post (and we love food) we decided this was right up our (high) street. We did think that it might mean we receive gifts purchased in a supermarket but a quick check of our rules and we decided it was ok, because our rules state we can eat food other people give us if its come from a supermarket, because your match for the month emails you before hand and will see our blog and we figure people might see we are kind of keen on local shopping and….. because thirdly the things we purchase will of course not be from a supermarket and will of course support our local shops! Anyways its a bit of fun and…….one can most certainly over think things.

So our parcel was headed for sunny Greece and looked like this:parcel 5

parcel 6We got a lovely email from our parcel sender and she asked some thoughtful questions. When our parcel arrived we were so excited and delighted to find each item carefully wrapped. Gale had done us proud and we received some lovely items. Here they are:

The parcel we got all wrapped up a treat

The parcel we got all wrapped up a treat

parcel 4She had even sent some special things for Lizzie. Wow!

parcel 7

parcel 8

parcel 9

We emailed her straight away to say a huge thank you and got another lovely email reply. We were so happy we later on put a thank you card in the post to her (she had put a return address on the parcel so the detective work to get her address wasn’t too hard).

We then got a lovely email of thanks from our parcel recipient Evagelia who was delighted with what we sent!

What an amazing first month! Been inspired to join in?…… Well click here and who knows you might just get a parcel from us or vice versa!