The humble crumble!

crumble 13Well it’s the weekend and…….. Ian has man flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we firmly believe that food can be medicine so in an attempt  to make Ian better Becksie made his favourite pudding – the humble crumble! Today we went for a gooseberry one and in order to make it even more tasty we added some grated marzipan to the crumble! Trust us it works! Oh and we served it with our homemade ice cream.

In other news our friend George commented this week that blogging daily Continue reading


A Very Pleasant Pheasant

So today has been a quiet day for Team Pugh – mainly because……Becksie has pretty much lost her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lemon 1

Lizzie has seemed a little confused as to why her mum, who usually spends most of her day singing and chatting away with her, has been on the whole silent or whispering in a very strange way! Becksie didn’t have the energy to rig up the buggy, rug up Lizzie and walk to the pharmacy (local independent one not a pesky supermarket one) to get all the necessary pills Continue reading

A Little Bit of Drizzle

lemon 8

So today has been a very wet, cold and windy day here in Faringdon! If it’s not been pouring with rain its been drizzling! Lizzie and Becksie have colds and the cats………… are very very grumpy because it’s a) cold b) windy and…….. they have the muddiest paws in the world which is making Becksie even more grumpy!

So as Lizzie, Becksie and the cats are feeling a little drizzly we decided that there was only one thing  Continue reading

Cafe Pugh, a short story by Mr Ian Pugh…..

One adult member of team Pugh is very talented at cooking, can make a meal out of whatever is in the cupboard and is always experimenting and learning new skills. The male member of Team Pugh is not blessed with such skills, so much so that nights when he is (forced to do) cooking are met with a collective groan and have been termed Cafe Pugh.

if only the talent had rubbed off....

if only the talent had rubbed off….

Now Ian likes food, in fact he really likes food, but he just can’t cook it very well at all. It is a running joke that when Becksie’s mum cooks it takes twice as long for the food to cook and veg to soften, and it seems to be a issue that also befalls Ian. Continue reading

Chicken Soup – The Prequel

As we lie in bed at 5am with a poorly sick tiny girl we a) feel extremely sad and sorry that she has to have a raging temperature, a sore throat and feel miserable b) wish either or both of us cold take on this cold for her and c) wonder what can we do to make it any better?

We’ve dosed her up with the mighty pink nectar they call Calpol, we’ve blown her tiny nose, cooled her down, applied snuffle baby to her chest (and ours) cudddled her and fed her in the hope that breastmilk will pass her some good strong bug killing capabilities. But somehow it still feels like we should do more. Perhaps when she gets up in the morning there is something we can feed her that will also help?

And so we turned to (not the mighty supermarkets with shelf packed full of medicines), the mighty world dominating website they call google to search for hints and tips! And guess what google tells us the best thing we can possibly make our tiny one is……. chicken soup!

Now chicken soup or ‘Grandad’s chicken soup’ is in Becksie’s family elevated to celebrity food status! Its an all time classic and holds a very special place in our hearts and at our table! Its so special that a blog post of its very own was already in the melting pot that is our note pad of blog ideas! But this bout of poorly sickness means Team Pugh’s version will make an early entry onto the blog! However if we were you we’d sign up for email updates, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to ensure we read the forthcoming post about Grandad’s chicken soup (or should it now be Great Grandad’s chicken soup) and the great chicken soup off (including 4 recipe versions)!

So why is chicken soup not just an old wives tale? Well our extensive research (3 minutes on google) tells us the following:
A) A good chicken broth contains many vitamins and minerals  – and these nutrients are in a form that babies (or any other sick person’s body) can easily absorb.

B) A good chicken broth contains gelatin – a highly nutritious mixture of proteins that is again very easy to digest. Gelatin comes from collagen, which is found in the bones, connective tissue, cartilage and skin of animals. It aids digestion by attracting digestive fluids to foods in the gut.

C) It tastes great (ok google didn’t tell us this)

So when we get up we will be getting a soup on the go ready for lunch and most probably dinner we will also be adding a few extra ingredients (I’m sure Grandad Gray would forgive us given that its to help his great granddaughter whom we are sure he would have adored)!
A) Chickpeas because they are high in zinc.
B) A double dose of carrots as they are rich in beta-carotene.
C) Red pepper for vitamin C (but only if we can source one from Aunty Leah as we aren’t about to crack and visit our local Budgens)
D)Garlic, ginger, sage and thyme as these are all believed to work as a decongestants!

Oh and for pudding kiwi fruit and orange for vitamin C!

Ready to cook!