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Barnstaple 1At lunch time today we had a phone call from our lovely friend Mary to tell us we must put Radio 4 on. So……. we did! And we are really glad we did as it was a launch for this year’s Food and Farming Awards. This is so up our Local High Street it’s amazing. This is a high profile award to reward fantastic, wonderful, awesome, amazing, brilliant food people with a real focus on real food and LOCAL food!

We bang on and on about loving markets, loving products, loving local shops and this gives us and indeed you the opportunity to vote for the places and the people who make these wonderful and inspirational things possible. There are ten categories and we have already sent in some of our nominations:

shopping week 9 (3)Hare in the Woods the AMAZING deli  in Faringdon for

The Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ Best Food Retailer

farm 7Dews Meadow Farm and the lovely Jane for

Best Food Producer

So why not head on over to the nomination page and get shouting about the places and people who help in some way to bring great food to you.

There is also a category which is food personality of the year. ‘This is for a personality in the last year who has inspired you to think differently about food? It could be a writer, broadcaster, blogger or television chef; any kind of communicator who in the past twelve months has used their work to give us fresh insights into the food we eat’.



Team Pugh at The Good Food Show

Effortlessly a week has gone by since we last posted how time flies! Still no supermarket visits but lots of tasty food and a trip to The Good Food Show!

good food 6Our week’s shopping was done a week yesterday at Witney market and butchers and weighed in a total of £37! We got some dates from the market and to say they’re delicious is an understatement they are amazing!

good food 2So….. yesterday saw us up early and on our way to London. Lizzie wasn’t keen on the early morning (she’s like her mum and dad, a night owl) but when we explained our early start in the following way she was delighted and chorused the words ‘cheese, bic bic, choc choc’ all the way. Our explanation went like this:

Becksie: ‘Come on Lizzie we are going to London’

Lizzie: Yawns and makes grumpy face

Ian: ‘We are going to a big room where all day you will get to eat different bits of food’

Lizzie: Looks interested

Becksie: ‘Like sausage, yogurt, cheese, choc choc, bacon, jam, chutney, cake’

Ian: Lists more food

Lizzie: ‘Choc choc, cheese, cake, bic bic’

good food 1It seems that not only has Lizzie developed her mummy and daddy’s staying up late traits she is also very into her food. At not even two she understands that a day of tasters is a very exciting thing! She also seems to have expensive tastes and was (like her mummy and daddy) jolly keen on the truffle cheese and other such delights. There were 100’s of food producers there all passionate about good food! We might also have spotted a few foodie celebs. Turns out Paul Hollywood is much smaller in real life than he looks on the tv we must also add he was doing a great job of protecting Mary Berry from the crowds.



Becksie watched a cookery demo by Michel Roux Junior – it looked amazing and she picked up a few tips from the great chef mostly that the key to successful French cooking is butter, butter and more butter. Whilst Becksie watched this Lizzie and Ian went and found a park and by all accounts had a great time.good food 3

So we are sure you are all dying to know who Team Pugh voted as our favourite producer of the day (well probably not but we’ll tell you anyway) and…… just so you know this is a genuine fake award and not a paid product review. The winner of the Team Pugh London Good Food Show 2013 producer of the year goes (hands down) to The Great British Sauce Company! Their sauce was simple yet AMAZING. Lots of lovely varieties we loved the curry sauce and brown sauce the best. Show price was 3 bottles for £5 and so a bargain!

We borrowed this photo off their facebook page as we were so busy eating and buying we forgot to take any pics - we hope they don't mind.

We borrowed this photo off their facebook page as we were so busy eating and buying we forgot to take any pics – we hope they don’t mind.

The company owners were a) passionate about their product b) very knowledgeable and c) so friendly. So Great British Sauce Company please accept our made up award. They have a facebook page which we know you’d like to like and a twitter account that’s well worth a follow. If you get the chance please try some and report back we think you’ll love it!good food 5

Whilst we’re on our fake awards the most fed up celeb goes to…..Gregg Wallace – mind you when we saw a glimpse of him it was towards the end of the day and he had signed loads of books and done lots of shows. So his reward is a HUGE make believe sticky toffee pudding. Aww that’s better Gregg!

So there you have it a little report from our great day out and….. did we buy anything? Of course but they were Christmas gifts so remain a secret. And…. we avoided the Tesco stand but felt a tad guilty as they had sponsored some of it but….. as we’ve always said this is not a supermarket hate campaign it was more of an experiment that change our lives for the better.

We will shut up shortly but just one more thing…… on the way to London we were discussing ideas for a new challenge, a new experiment – so  far we have drawn a blank – anyone got any ideas? Do leave us a comment or email us.

Brilliance in Blogging Awards

So…….on Friday night while you were reading some exciting facts about Team Pugh (we are fully aware it is more likely you were doing something much for interesting) Becksie went to London!

This was London on a previous trip but....... you get the idea!

This was London on a previous trip but……. you get the idea!

After a manic day and lots (well probably a total of 45 minutes) of time spent stressing about what to wear and having TERRIBLE hair Becksie boarded a train and set off on her way to attend the Brilliance in Blogging award ceremony.

After successfully navigating the tube (a huge achievement) Becksie met Continue reading

News Flash

Only us again! Two posts in one day? Eeeeekk what’s going on??!!!LP

No we haven’t been into a supermarket but………… we have made it onto the shortlist for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the Inspire Category. We are so excited we could burst. bib logo

Thank you so so so so so much if you nominated us.

Oh…….one more thing (shameless ask) would you be so kind as to give us a little vote?

All you need to do is……

Click here 

Thank you and Goodnight