And just like that my running days was over

running 2As you know for a while now we have been asking people to fill in our little questionnaire about whether reading our ramblings has in anyway changed your shopping habits. Every time we went to post the results a further flurry of completed forms came in. To say we are overwhelmed is an understatement! Thank you so much to everyone who got in touch, we are truly amazed and humbled! So here is evidence that you really can changed the world from your living room.

Our living room

Our living room

Here goes:

58 people replied

We calculated the results by asking people to say how much on average they now spend in local shops as opposed to supermarkets and for how many weeks they have been doing it. So an example is if someone replied saying £10 – £12 per week for 30 weeks we took the average £11 and times it by 30 = £330. We then totalled everyone’s results and got our grand total. Obviously this is a) a rough estimate b) a tad flawed as each week the total would go up and this has not been calculated and c) by no means scientific and just for fun (but we can back up the data with names and email addresses). Right enough waffle the total result is £46 ,036!!

As we said we are totally amazed and as always really excited that others are loving shopping in this way too. We can also announce that the winner of our lovely prize is Janice Steele.

However……….. (HUGE DOT DOT DOT DOTS)

cowsToday is a very emotional day.

Today is the end.

No we haven’t been in a supermarket and we aren’t even particularly thinking of going to one but today we just feel it is the end of our year without supermarkets journey. For a while now we’ve known we didn’t really have all that much to say left to say. We knew the end was coming but it was just a matter of time. We have had an absolutely fantastic time, met some wonderful people and done some incredible things. This journey has changed our entire lives and it has shown Becksie that she wants to run her own venture. It has given us so much and we are so very grateful for all of your support. But now it is time for Becksie to concentrate her efforts on Becksie and Lotty as in her heart of hearts she knows this is what she is now meant to be doing. running 4We promise to keep true to who we have become and rest assured local shopping is still VERY much key. We may in time take the odd trip to the supermarket but we make no promises either way. This has been an epic journey, a wonderful voyage of discovery but today just like Forest Gump on the day he just decided to stop running we have decided (with a huge air of sadness yet contentment that this is the right end of the story) that we will end this journey.running 1

In time this journey will disappear from the online world and exist only as hard copy for Lizzie to keep but for a while we’ll leave it in case you want to re-read any bits and pieces / jot any recipes down etc. If you feel you will miss our ramblings you can continue to follow us over on – in fact we would absolutely delighted if you would join us for that journey which is right at the start and very exciting (you could even consider nominating us for a Brilliance in Blogging Award – perhaps the ‘Fresh Voices category’? HINT HINT).

It’s been a pleasure, Thank you all so very much and for the final word we hand over to the wisest of the wise………

Forest Gump

The End

Lizzie keith picAll our love and best wishes for the future

Team Pugh



15 thoughts on “And just like that my running days was over

  1. As a relative “newbee” am heartbroken, but completely understand that the time is right. In life we all have to move on when necessary. However, you have been a total inspiration to me and I thankyou so much to having been privileged to be part of your life. I love your way of life, and how you are raising the gorgeous Lizzie. I will look forward to the Becksie and Lottie blogs, and am planning an occasion of my own later in the year which I hope you will run for me and my “crafty” friends!! Onward and upward to you and Lotty! Love, Davina. Xxx

  2. and a wonderful journey it has been too, lessons learned and new friendships formed, such a wonderful legacy for Lizzie to cherish, thank you so much for sharing a part of your lives …wishing you every success with Becksie & Lottie, another journey in your lives xxx

  3. Thankyou so much for the journey-it’s a been brilliant to follow you, and even better to meet you in person. You rock Team Pugh, you will be missed (but never fear, I will continue stalking you as you embark on your new adventures!)

  4. So sad to hear that you will no longer be blogging and only today I recommended your blog to someone who wanted some interesting blogs to read. I look forward to hearing all about Becksie’s new venture via her new blog.

  5. Thank you for a brilliant time, I have started shopping more in independent shops than supermarkets though that isn’t so easy in Cirencester. I will pop over and see you on your new blog, but meanwhile love and huge hugs from Cirencester and thanks for inviting me along! Lynne xxx

  6. It’s sad news to read that you’ll no longer be blogging here, but completely understandable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventure in non supermarket shopping, and all the other things around that. I know you’ve inspired me to change the way I shop, and I’m sure others feel the same so thank you for sharing that part of your life with us. I’m following you over at Becksie & Lottie and wish you the very best in your new venture. xxx

  7. Really sad too! Boo hoo hoo! I love reading about your life! But similarly to Jen I will continue to stalk you online via B&L and will say a massive thank you for sharing this year-and-a-bit of your lives with us. It’s been said before and will be said again but it has truely been a privilege. The biggest and bestest of luck with Becksie and Lotty and I can’t wait to ACTUALLY be able to come to a crafternoon session! (21 June is no good for me either as I’ll be in a Somerset field preparing for Glastonbury Festival). TONS OF LOVE AND THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU TEAM PUGH! Siobhan xx

  8. I have really enjoyed your blog and thanks for all the recipes, many are favourites now. All the best for the future 🙂
    Love and hugs Rebecca xx

  9. There is a saying that comes to mind ….. somethings are for a reason, or a season, few are for a lifetime. Love Mammar x x
    Moving on I am sure you will be an inspiration and influence many

  10. Oh gosh! I’m so sad from a selfish point of view that your blog will be no more, but I understand completely why. Team Pugh have been an inspiration and my husband and I have completely changed our way of living thanks to you (it’s been 3 1/2 months and we still haven’t shopped at a supermarket). Thank you for keeping us updated with your brilliant stories and recipes and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Charlene x

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