Thursday Night Tea take 8!

Lizzie quote 'wriiitee a bwloog'

Lizzie quote ‘wriiitee a bwloog’

How on earth is it Thursday already. Is it us or are the weeks flying by? As you may know this week has been a busy one for Becksie (if you don’t know why click here). As a consequence…….. she has not yet fitted in a food shop!

Well, she has done several small shops in several places that she has failed to photograph of late (chinese shop, community shop etc whilst on her travels) for pantry staples but the long and the short of it is that a)we are low on food and b) we have got lapse at documenting what we buy / spend. Whilst we haven’t been in a supermarket still we do need to get back on track. Somehow now this is a way of life it seems less important but……. we will try hard.

Anyway ramble ramble (we are tired) – to cut a long story short tonight’s Thursday night tea was made using fridge lurkers, store cupboard bits and meat from the freezer.

thursday night tea 9May we present Moroccan Lamb (confession ten minutes in to cooking Becksie realised what she thought was lamb was in fact venison) with cous cous and as Lizzie say ‘purrrple spproootin brocwee’.

These dates are left over from Christmas - sell by date schmell by date!

These dates are left over from Christmas – sell by date schmell by date!

Chop up celery and carrots (an onion would be better than celery or as well as but we had to use what we had). Fry with the meat in a little oil.

thursday night tea 2

Fry until the meat is browned and the vegetables are soft. Add the dates (remember to take the stones out), a tin of tomatoes and a drained tin of chickpeas.

thursday night tea 3

Add a couple of teaspoons of cumin, something spicy if you want a bit of a kick.

thursday night tea 4Allow to simmer for about 15 minutes. thursday night tea 6We added the broccoli to the pan and covered for about 5 minutes during the last bit of the simmer stage to save a) washing up and b) energy (we are after all the UK’s biggest scrooges hehe).

Make the cous cous (we used some smoked oil, salt and pepper).

thursday night tea 5

Add some chopped coriander to the pan and stir through.

thursday night tea 7

Add a good squeeze of lemon juice and…… serve!

thursday night tea 8Very tasty, very quick and evidence that the cupboards were not as bare as we first thought.


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  1. Hi Becksie,

    I heard you talking on the radio a wile back and having read your log avidly since. Using many of your tips on buying less from supermarkets. I also uses your dishwasher recipe , thanks for that. I use my freezer for everything , it’s invaluable as a money saver. My husband is writing a freezer app for iPhones and iPads and I wandered if you would mention it on your blog and advertise his link.

    Cholsey, Oxfordshire

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