Thursday Night Tea Number 7

Lizzie and Jessica relaxing whilst tea was cooking

Lizzie and Jessica relaxing whilst tea was cooking

Well…… It’s Thursday night and we have a confession despite remembering this morning it was Thursday Night Tea night by tea time we had erm……… forgotten!

Becksie and Lizzie had been on an adventure and so we got home late and popped on a very quick tea. Half way through we realised it was Thursday night tea! Ooops. Becksie then had a chiropractor appointment and so…… here is an excuse for Thursday night tea post.thursday 7 3

No recipe – just a picture of our sausage meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta!

Our apologies for a double rubbish effort.

thursday 7 5This weeks shopping was from Faringdon – a total spend of £27.60 and then Ian got a few bits in Oxford – £8.00 a total spend of £35.60.thursday 7 6

We promise to try harder next Thursday 🙂 


11 thoughts on “Thursday Night Tea Number 7

  1. Things happen! We forget! Don’t worry, like the look of the sausage meatballs dinner! Never made them but I’m sure I can work something out. I can see you’ve still got the sewing machine out Becksie, can’t wait to see what you’ve been making or reworking next. I’m off to learn how to make whack n stack quilt blocks tomorrow, hope I can make something that doesn’t look like a dogs dinner!! Have a great weekend.

  2. How about telling us what you eat through a typical week, with all due respect I cant see how three of you can eat from the weekly shop shown even though you may have stuff in cupboards and a freezer which you can raid. Educate us please.

    PS I have three brace of pheasant in my freezer given to me by a local shooter do you have any recipie sugestions?


    • This is a comment we frequently get – we do have a freezer and pantry full of stuff but bar the odd thing we forget to photograph (we know we have got slacker later) we do show all of our food. I guess it looks like a little as its ingredients – for example a bag of flour will make us three large loaves of bread. We have done a weekly food showcase and we do mean to do it again but we keep getting through the week and thinking opps we’ve forgotten to make a list. We will try hard and also maybe do a store cupboard series 🙂

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