Wardrobe Wars

wardrobe 3Becksie’s wardrobe was looking a little bit depressing! It was full of stuff! It was overwhelming and it was hard to deal with. So finally guided by the principles of our year with less we set to and sorted it out! We also did Ian’s and…… you guessed it Lizzie’s.

A team effort

A team effort

As is very often the case the starting was the hardest part but 5 minutes in Becksie was (sado alert) actually enjoying herself. A huge pile for the charity shop, a pile to ebay, a pile of things to offer to a few specific people and (Jen – chief make do and mender and the reason Becksie is now a regular patcher) a mending / to upcycle pile.

The mending pile!

The mending pile!

The result – a clutter free wardrobe, major mending satisfaction and a sense of freedom from ‘stuff’. Yes my friends we applied ‘no supermarket logic’ to our wardrobes and now feel better about our clothes. Every garment fits, suits and is in a mended state. We even have a list if the bits and pieces that we need to get in order to enhance our wardrobe. Top of Becksie’s list is……… a new dress which she is planning on making all by her self in order to a) have a new dress b) increase her sewing ability c) cross an item off her 30 list and d) in order to feel very proud of herself.

wardrobe 6Whilst clearing out the wardrobe Becksie found three pj tops that she had barely worn. Each of their pj bottom buddies are firm regulars but Becksie gets annoyed with the button up tops and prefers Ian’s t shirts to sleep in (too much info? Maybe!). Anyways these tops were crying out for an upcycle so Becksie made a few pairs of pj bottoms for Lizzie from the sleeves. After doing this she set herself the challenge of also making Lizzie a pj top from a very old (it’s from Tammy Girl Becksie has had it that long) top. So with only a pair of Lizzie’s existing PJ’s, scissors, pins, thread and her sewing machine she set out on an adventure which ended with the PJ top to tiddly toddler’s PJs upcycle! Amazing fun.wardrobe 1

One happy Lizzie, one happy Becksie.

Matchy Smatchy

Matchy Smatchy

PS – out of the PJ top scrap we also made Narna a gift so she too can be in the matchy smatcy club – Narna it’s in the post!

Remember to reduce, reuse, recycle!

PS – If you haven’t already we would be really grateful if you’d fill in our little impact study – you will be entered into our wonderful prize draw………



16 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wars

  1. WOW! Becksie, brilliant recycling and sewing. I’m very impressed with your skills! Don’t you two girls just look the bees knees in the matching pj’s.

  2. I have LOADS of patterns that I get free with Prima magazine, I’ll sort some dress ones out and bring them to Jen’s on Thursday for passing on. xx

  3. You clever girl, well done, I bet Lizzie loves having mathcing PJs with Mummy. Great way to upcycle. Bravo (clap, clap, clap) :o)

  4. Love the first pic of Lizzie. She looks like she’s thinking “please just leave MY clothes out of this!” Xxx

  5. well done ! I’m trying to sort out my stuff it’s a chore as I’m also going to Slimming world losing weight afraid to sling the fat stuff ! (just in case i might need them i’ve done it before ) Thyroid problems) But to be positive got the if i haven’t worn it for a year or so in the Oxfam bag it goes

  6. Wow , how clever is that ! I love the picture of Lizzie and you in your matching PJ’s . My youngest daughter who is quite a bit taller than her sister ( and it’s a very sore point ! ) said to her “You can have my sleeves to make PJ bottoms for yourself if you like” . Didn’t go down quite so well . πŸ™‚

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