Thursday Night Tea (a sort of take away) number 6

thursday 6 (7)Well it’s Thursday night once again and that means only one thing…….. it’s time for another Thursday night tea post! Today however we played a little blinder; as Becksie had been on the radio this am in Oxford (starts 8 minutes into the show) it meant that Mammar was with us and needed taking back home so…… we texted Da to say we were coming for dinner, and could he please photograph what he was making for tonight’s blog post. Result free tea. Photo’s taken and a free recipe from Da! In order to not be too mean Da dictated the recipe to us – so we are are nearly ready to present Thursday Night tea (a sort of take away) very shortly.

Before we crack on with the recipe we’d just like to say thank you so much for the overwhelming response so far to our impact study – we are quite frankly amazed. We’d love to continue to build the picture on the impact of our actions and so if you’ve changed your shopping habits in any way as a result of our ramblings please fill in the form below. All entries will be entered into a wonderful exciting (prize to be revealed type) prize draw. Thank you and we hope you will be equally AMAZED when we publish the results.

And now…….. Da (it’s sort of) over to you………

Special Egg Fried Rice:

thursday 6 (9)Cook your rice a few hours before you plan to eat it. A mug full of dry rice for four people is just the ticket. Cook it until just soft then rinse in cold water and leave it in the sieve for about ten minutes so all the water is drained away. Spread it on a plate and store in the fridge for a few hours.

thursday 6 (14)When you are ready to cook your special fried rice you can use whatever bits and pieces you have to hand – this is a great recipe for using leftovers. We had a small amount of left over cooked pork, a few frozen prawns that needed using and from the garden some spring onions, early purple broccoli, chard tops and (not from the garden) a cup full of frozen peas.

thursday 6 (13)Wash and clean the chard and put on to steam. Cut up the pork into thin strips and marinate for about 20 minutes in oyster sauce. thursday 6 (11)Cut the spring onion length ways and soften in a frying pan (we used a little bit of leftover pork fat). thursday 6 (12)Set this to one side. thursday 6 (1)Fry a couple of eggs – as shown in the picture. Set to one side and give the pan a wipe (a flavour keeping=in method).

thursday 6 (2)Heat a teaspoon of oil and fry the broccoli, prawns and peas with a dash of oyster sauce, set to one side. Once again using the same pan fry the marinated pork.thursday 6 (3)

Wash the pan (or….. Use a different one). Heat the pan with a tablespoon of oil in until it is really hot then add the rice, some light soy sauce and the egg and stir fry until an even colour. thursday 6 (4)thursday 6 (5)Put the rice into a large serving dish, quickly give the pork, onions and veggies a quick re-fry, add to rice and mix and ….,.. serve. thursday 6 (6)

Pudding……… by Mammar – a classic yogurt and muesli winning combination! thursday 6 (8)


8 thoughts on “Thursday Night Tea (a sort of take away) number 6

  1. I like that recipe. I’ve got some leftover chicken in the fridge that I need to use tonight and perhaps this is what I should do with it!

  2. If you make a sort of thin omelette with the eggs and then slice it into strips before using then it will look more authentic- cf the Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure in Hong Kong (last week’s episode!); also be very careful with the rice and make sure it’s reheated thoroughly. There’s some nasty bug that can grow in cooked, cooled rice.

  3. Mmmm, tasty! I’ve got many of these leftover ingredients hovering in my fridge, and I am delighted to now have an easy use for them! Thanks Da!

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