Thursday Night Tea Number 5

My my how is it Thursday again?

thursday 5 1

She is shouting ‘cooollouring’ at the top of her voice

We don’t know about you but we are getting a tad fed up of this wet weather and in terms of food are getting a little stew / roasted root vegetabled out! So after a busy morning sorting out paperwork and drawers whilst Lizzie stuck stickers and was let loose with felt tips Becksie decided that tonight’s dinner must have at the very least a hint of the lighter warmer days to come.

thursday 5 18

Terrible photo but……. you get the point

Only slight issue was that the ingredients sat waiting to be used had winter dinner written all over them. thursday 5 2However Becksie likes a challenge and even decided to put some washing outside even though it was quite chilly.

So root vegetables at the ready……………………..

We proudly present ‘A hint of things to come supper with cauliflower rice and homemade coleslaw’.

We were missing something green but you'll see it contains lots of lovely healthy things.

We were missing something green but you’ll see it contains lots of lovely healthy things.

(this recipe would feed four adults, we did 2 adults and a small person and we have lunch for tomorrow)

Coarsely grate 2 carrots and 2 parsnips, chop an onion into chunks and chop one clove of garlic.thursday 5 3

thursday 5 4 We used our roasting tin on the hob (washing up saving as this also goes in the oven) and fried in a little smoked rape seed oil until the carrot and parsnip were soft.

Add a good sprinkling of cumin seeds.

Another terrible picture thanks to the steam

Another terrible picture thanks to the steam

Turn off the heat and add a crumbled stock cube and a good glug of this AMAZING sauce.

You could add some mild curry powder and some brown sauce instead

You could add some mild curry powder and some brown sauce instead

Next add a small can of butter beans and a small tin of kidney beans (don’t forget to drain them).

thursday 5 7

thursday 5 8

Then add a small tin of drained swetcorn and…… mix it up.

thursday 5 9

It will now look a little like this:

thursday 5 14

Take a sprig of Rosemary and some left over bread and blizt to form breadcrumbs. We also added a tiny block of frozen cornish yarg (we often freeze the very end of cheese for occasions such as this – it’s a really good little tip). thursday 5 10

thursday 5 11

thursday 5 13

Sprinkle on the bean / carrot mix and add a glug of oil – we mixed it up and used some of this amazing salad dressing from the lovely people at Stainswick Farm.

thursday 5 16

Bake in the oven (170c) for about 35 mins. Whilst this is happening make the coleslaw (we used one of our chickens’ rare eggs to make mayonnaise).

thursday 5 20


Then whizz up some cauliflower until it is rice size and when the main dish is about 5 minutes from ready microwave it for 3 – 4 mins. Add salt and pepper and serve as a rice replacement.

thursday 5 17


thursday 5 21


6 thoughts on “Thursday Night Tea Number 5

  1. Looks and sounds lovely Becksie. You’re lucky that Lizzie will eat it though, I always say that my eldest was born a fussy eater!! He’d probably eat the cauliflower rice but that would be it, not a hope on the rest. 😦 It just means that if I want to experiment with new foods I have to cook him something seperate. My youngest is much better with food and will usually tuck in to most things. They’re very different people!

  2. Stainswick Farm oils are fabulous aren’t they – have you tried their garlic infused rapeseed oil? It’s incredible!

    • Thank you 🙂 Ian and Lizzie were pleased to meet you too – sorry to have missed you, I was there drinking tea – my favourite part is that this meeting took place in a pretend supermarket hehe 🙂

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