Ten Really Important Things

Following on from our recent post, ‘Ten Small Things‘ today we share ten things that we think are really really important, ironically they aren’t things at all!

Laugh with your friends10 things 3

Cuddle your family10 things 4

Wear what you want10 things 5

Drink tea10 things 6

Follow your own path10 things 7

Use your most special things even on the ordinary days10 things 8

Count your blessings10 things 9

Use your imagination10 things 2

Make time to relax 10 things 1

Broaden your mind10 things 10


38 thoughts on “Ten Really Important Things

  1. They are gorgeous Team Pugh!!! They deserve a wider audience, how about sending them to a magazine? Maybe a Christian magazine like Woman Alive or Families First? They would cheer people up no end x

  2. Thank-you Team Pugh for encouraging me with this. My mum died almost one month ago at almost 100. Until the last few weeks, she was ‘all-there-with-her-lemondrops’. Both her death and the family funeral were amazing times, but now I’m back on Arran and struggling with a new landscape of my life and lots of questions. Reading this lifted me out of the doldrums and made me realise what living is really all about – thank you, lots of luv, Pam x

  3. Well done! Amazing photos of sweet Lizzie. Thanks for the smiles….and the memories our children…many years ago.

  4. These are so lovely 🙂 .
    Old ladies used to say to me when my three were small ” make the most of them , they’ll grow up before you know it ” and I couldn’t imagine it happening as quickly as it did. But how right they were , and now here I am saying it to you… continue cherishing every moment as you do, it goes by so fast .

  5. After a fairly rubbish and long day at work, these pictures gave me a real smile and reminded me what is important. Thanks for another funny, entertaining and inspiring post.

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