Thursday Night Number 4

Well……… it’s got to Thursday very quickly over here in Team Pugh’s small patch of the world. How’s everyone enjoying the rain?? We’ve done a few shops this week as we needed various bits and bobs and all three times we have got wet! Oh well we still wouldn’t swap our shopping life.

So first things first our shopping:

Trip one Faringdon Farmers Market and The Hare in The Woods - total cost £29.80

; Trip one Faringdon Farmers Market and The Hare in The Woods – total cost £29.80 (including some bargains from Dews Meadow farm for the freezer)

Trip 2 £9.07 Ian from the Market in Oxford

Trip 2 £9.07, Ian from the Market in Oxford

Trip 3 £14.62

Trip 3 £14.62

A total of £53.49 – A very good job we are no longer subject to our official year rules. A lovely gathering of food and still not a supermarket in sight. Becksie did have a dream about going in to Aldi which was slightly weird but we promise we still haven’t been.

So now you’re up to speed on all things shopping it’s nearly time to discuss Thursday night’s tea. We get loads of requests from our lovely readers asking what meals we make with our shopping so we hope this weekly post is going some way to answering that but just in case you want to know more………..

Thursday 4 4Tuesday night’s tea was a Chinese inspired pork dish with rice and AMAZING coconut steamed dumplings. This is a Jamie Oliver recipe and it is AWESOME! One tin of coconut milk in a bowl, pinch of salt and then fill the empty tin twice with self raising flour. Mix to form a dough – you may need to add a little more flour. Knead the dough gently then divide into buns and place in muffin cases, rest for five then steam in a vegetable steamer (or similar type event) for about 20 minutes.

Thursday 4 3


Wednesday night tea was a vegetable pasta bake……. we meant to take photos but had eaten it before we remembered!

And finally Thursday night tea number 4:

Thursday 4 17


Slow cooked lamb stew, Jacket potatoes (cooked by Da in a tin in his bonfire at work) and buttery leeks.

This dish is so simple yet was a real winter delight – fry onion and garlic – we did ours in some smoked rape seed oil which is simply the most beautiful tasty oil ever. Thursday 4 7

Add stewing lamb and roughly chopped carrots, parsnip and beetroot – fry for a few more minutes. We then added half a bottle of a (very) strong Belgian beer, a tablespoon of homemade blackcurrant jam, salt and pepper, a further small glug of smoked oil, gravy granules and then hot water to make sure everything was covered. Thursday 4 11

Add a handful of red lentils – these cook away but thicken the sauce.

Thursday 4 10Add a lid and cook for about 3 hours in a low oven (160c). The sauce is silky, tasty and smooth and the lamb melts in your mouth.

Thursday 4 16


Pudding was orange and cardamon rice pudding with melted chocolate on the top. Thursday 4 13We used 1 cup of pudding rice, 2 cups of milk, about 30 grams of sugar, 3 cardamon pods,Thursday 4 15 and the zest and juice of an orange,Thursday 4 14 with a dash of cream to finish. This is so easy and cooks alongside the stew (about 40 mins on 170c).

Thursday 4 18

It went down a treat....... and yes Ian needs a haircut and a shave and if you look behind Mammar's head you can see a picture of a baby Becksie

It went down a treat……. and yes Ian needs a haircut and a shave and if you look behind Mammar’s head you can see a picture of a baby Becksie. And Da’s funny face is because he was telling Miss Lizzie to…..’sit on your bottom’!


11 thoughts on “Thursday Night Number 4

  1. ooh lovely grub Becksie…..your a star Ive been trying to think of different ways to use up( more )beetroot in my vegbox.. I hadn’t thought of just throwing it in a stew…thought it might all go a bit pink!…but yours looks lovely so will give it a go next week!….I so wish I had a market like yours….Id happily go out in the rain for such a feast! x

  2. I like the sound of the stew so much I’ve pinned your blog on my pinterest board. ………I also did it last week too! 🙂

  3. Happy Thursday Family Pugh. The meals all sound wonderful (except I don’t like beet root) and look it too! I’m intrigued by Lizzie’s bib/pinny, which appears to make out Daddy is ugly! Please can you let me know what it really says?! How are the chickens doing in all the rain? Is it putting them off laying? Hope you have a good weekend. Best wishes Hilary.

    • Hehe – Lizzie’s bib says ‘My daddy is so ugly I’m glad I look like my yummy mummy’ – it was a gift that Mary gave me before Lizzie came along as she knows I don’t like the term yummy mummy hehe

  4. What a wonderful feast!!! It looks really tasty and very nutritious. As usual I’ll get my notebook out and copy the recipes in for long term use. I do wish we had a market like yours, it would be lovely never to have to go to a supermarket again!! x

  5. I’ve been really enjoying catching up with some of your lovely recipes! I’m on a ‘no shopping on the High Street year’ over on my blog, but being frugal means you are constantly reviewing saving money in each aspect of your life. I love this meal idea! I look forward to reading more!

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