fun 1When we moved to our house it had the most awful of bathrooms, it in fact contained a kitchen cupboard! We knew we had to live with it for a while and one day for no reason we decided to turn it into a piece of art. We got some sharpies and everyone who came to our house would draw a picture or write a message on the bathroom walls. We loved it and were actually sort of sad when we’d saved enough to renovate it. It was a real masterpiece made by folk we love. It was also very funny and might we say brilliant.

a carefully selected photo - wedding count down wall!

a carefully selected photo – wedding count down wall!

As our house is now finished we decided that wall drawing was out but and ages ago we bought a huge colouring poster! Its a lovely thing (Becksie loves colouring) and our intention was to put it up and have pens near by and get visitors to colour in a picture. It was too lovely to colour in and so for over a year it’s been in a safe place.

Anyway the other day Becksie found it in her wardrobe. She admired it (as she has done many times) and put it back. She then went back upstairs got it out and stuck it up!fun 6

This was an application of supermarket free logic. Yes it’s a lovely thing. Yes it ‘should’ be coloured to perfection all inside the lines in the style Becksie would choose.

fun 2BUT…….. In actual fact hidden in the safe space in the wardrobe staying ‘perfect’ it is actually just clutter. So……. hard as it is it is out and anyone visiting will be invited to come and colour a spot. It will become a work of art made by our family and friends. A memory maker – a real thing of joy. A conversation starter, an activity to involve all. Something we can be proud of. Yes it might mark the wall but so what we can repaint!

So……. if you know us and visit us come and have a cup of tea, some homemade cake and a colour.

fun 5This is no supermarket logic in action and a step forward for Becksie (aka the colouring police) in our year with less!

fun 3We also promise to showcase the posters progress and when its complete photograph it for the memory and then make it into cards as to not keep 4


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    • I stuck a poster on the back of the loo door, it showed the interior of a house with many rooms, and inside those rooms were umpteen black cats. Everyone who used the loo was up there for some time counting the cats, but nobody seemed to be able to agree on how many there wer! (there were 64) Made a good talking point!

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