Thursday Night Tea Number 2

As promised a light and fluffy food based post! And……. as it’s Thursday night that means only one thing. Its time for our mini series called (as the title may suggest) Thursday Night Tea!

But first a spot of housekeeping – may we present this weeks shopping!thursday night tea 2 (6)

Thursday Night Tea 2 (5)

For some reason (trying to eat frozen summer vegetable gluts) we feel as though we haven’t done a really good shop for a while so perhaps next week we shall, along with a pantry and freezer audit. ROCK AND ROLL!  A total spend of £23. 85 at the lovely Faringdon market, butcher and baker and in Wantage today.

So Tuesday night saw us have Mammar and Da over for a roast chicken dinner. Wednesday night we had a leftover Chicken lasagne (fry onions, leeks, celery in a bit of the chicken jelly, add mustard, wine and a few other bits and pieces from the ingredients cupboard, layer with lasagne sheets and a homemade white sauce). Tonight……. Left over mild sort of chicken curry and rice. This is a Da CLASSIC and was always a childhood favorite of Becksie’s. It’s a great quick practical dinner that Becksie has made her own version of. It’s good but Da’s is still better. We hope Lizzie will make this for her children in the future.

Thursday Night Tea 2 (1)

Get the rice on – (2 cups of water for ever cup of rice – boil until dry, turn off the heat cover with a lid and leave for five minutes – perfect).

Chop an onion into rings and a clove of garlic. Fry gently until they start to soften. Add a couple of teaspoons of gram masala and some turmeric for fun. Add any chopped veg you have to hand, a chopped apple and a handful of sultana type affairs. Add a generous glug of water and simmer.Thursday Night Tea 2 (2)

Season – probably add more gram masala. Add some cream, yogurt or milk and serve with rice.

Thursday Night Tea 2 (4)

Very nice, economical and healthy.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Night Tea Number 2

  1. Oh yum!! Another one for me to try!! I made a nice pork casserole a few days ago by cooking the pork and some casserole type veg from the fridge and stock as cooking liquid. Then I put some grainy mustard in and a slosh of cream and it was lovely!! All rich and warming for winter!

  2. Curry sounds nice. We have friends coming tomorrow evening for a curry night. We are cooking a Ken Hom potato curry recipe we love, french bean bajee, my personal favourite which is a prawn, tomato and coriander curry and rice. I’ll also make various salad and chutney side dishes. Love to entertain. By the way, counted them today, and have 29 wartime recipe books!!! Like you, I’m fascinated by how people, like my own parents, lived during the war. Happy cooking. Xxx

  3. How funny I’ve just cooked myself a very similar dish! I had some left over chicken and as everyone else is eating elsewhere tonight, I thought I’d treat myself to a curry for 1. I just put the chicken in with some onion, garlic, ginger, corriander, flaked almonds, garam masala, turmeric, yoghurt and a dash of chicken stock. Simmered for a while and served with quinoa instead of rice. Great minds think alike! Oh and I do love a curry….

  4. That sounds like a real comfort dish. Yesterday for lunch I cooked up some rice and put lashings of butter and greek yogurt through it with some garlic; it was amazing, really bought the meal to life and was so comforting. You can serve that with pretty much anything; mine was left over roasted beetroot cut into chunks and half a tin of chickpeas – delish!

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