Ten Small Things……

10 things 1As you know kindness is something that Team Pugh hold very highly. We try to be kind even when it is hard. We strive hard to teach Lizzie how to be kind in a world that is very often very unkind, we try to remember that the best way to teach a small person to be kind is to be kind to them.

So today as Lizzie and Becksie ate breakfast they decided to do ten simple things today that would a) be kind b) make the world a little bit more lovely. We did this as listening to the morning news highlighted lots of sad and unkind things going on in the world and this made us feel the need to act in our own small way.

Today we:

1. Made the chickens a steaming hot breakfast! It took no longer than their normal breakfast and they were very happy. We usually only do this when its really really chilly but maybe we should do more often.

2. We sent an email saying how much a shop assistant had helped us with a recent purchase and asked that they be congratulated by their manager.

3. We put up a take a recipe poster in the hope that people would bake and share and therefore be happy.10 things 5

4. After lunch we played ‘tea shops’ and had a lovely little tea party.10 things 2

10 things 35.  We sent a cheery picture to a lovely special person who we love.

6.  We made this kindness card to send to one of blog readers in the hope of sharing happiness and hope. All you have to do is leave us a comment (or send us an email if you want it to remain private) with why you would like it. If no one wants it we shall find someone lovely to send it to.10 things 7

7. We made Ian dinner that contained pearl barley and black pudding – two of his favourite foods.

8. Let the cat sleep in one of Lizzie’s baskets (Jess normally gets told off for doing this).10 things 6

9.  Did a little task to help Narna.

10. Shared the cookie recipe with you in the hope you will make a batch and……. give half away.10 things 4

There we go changing the world from our living room, why not get involved and do ten (one, two, fifty its up to you) small things tomorrow that will a) be kind and b) make the world a little bit more lovely. They really don’t have to be huge things, in fact small things often count even more than big things.


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  1. what a fantastic idea to do ten lovely things for others. you too are so lovely if everyone did just one a day what a different world we would live in. keep up the good work. love sue.

  2. I love your kindness card and the way the words wrap around the thread and the way the thread just goes on….and on…..and on….and on…….just the way kindness can if we all give some to each other.

    I can remember when I used to play tea parties with my children, only too quickly they’re now making me real grown-up tea parties but I can still play little tea parties with my grandchildren.

    • Hiya

      Thank you for your lovely comment, I’ve decided everyone who has requested the card up to now will be sent a little something. Keep an eye on you inbox xxxx

  3. I love your idea of sharing a recipe and telling folk to share the resulting cookies. Thank you for sharing with your readers and for spreading a little happiness 🙂 x

  4. What a wonderful post as always 🙂 Since finding your blog at the beginning of the year our lives have changed so much. Thanks to you we have saved a fortune that we were just throwing away to Supermarkets. As we have just started to Home Educate our two children this means we can purchase extra resources for them and allow them to try new experiences to enrich their lives. It’s not all about the money though, it has opened my eyes to supporting the local farmers and shops and those companies trying to help the environment like ‘Splosh’. I can pass this on and educate the children as they see me setting an example at home. I also love your acts of kindness and these have inspired me to look at our lives and what little ‘acts’ and things we can do. SO I hope you might in your act of kindness send little ole me the lovely card so I can put it up and be reminded and inspired everyday and share the thought behind it with the children to inspire them also 🙂

    • Hiya

      Thank you for your lovely lovely comment – quite a few lovely folk requested the card so I have decided that everyone who requested it will get a little something from me. Keep an eye on your inbox 🙂

      Lots of love xx

  5. The card is lovely and what a wonderful thing to have done (all the kindnesses). You’re so right about needing them in an unkind world!

    Please don’t take this as a criticism as I think you’re wonderful, but as an animal behaviourist please don’t change the rules for the cats, they get confused!

    • Thank you 🙂 No criticism taken and I think the best thing I can do is let Jessica sleep in there from now on if she wishes :). As quite a few people requested the card I’ve decided to send a little something to everyone who commented so…… watch your inbox xxx

  6. I have been reading your blog since I saw you in the Daily Mail. I love so many things about you. We share a love of cats, (we have two) Witney, our favouite place we visit often despite living in Bedfordshire, bacon and tomatoes on toast, jam making, baking and many other things. So admire your lifestyle and we’re trying to copy it. Also love the way you are bringing up the very adorable Lizzie. I would love to receive the card as it would be good to think our lives are in some way entwined. I am about to change our shopping habits and order from splosh. I have breathing problems and use oxygen all the time, so think their products will be ideal for me. You are an inspiration and I avidly wait for your mails, as well as reading through all the older ones. Take care.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment. As I have said below I have been overwhelmed by the response to the kindness card and so……. everyone who commented up until now is getting a little thing. Keep an eye on your inbox 🙂 much love Becksie xxxxx
      PS – You have soooooooooooooo inspired to have bacon and tomatoes on toast

  7. After a long weekend with no internet access I’m home to fine your wonderful posts about the weekend and kindnesses. As always you are focused on what REALLY matters in life, the small things which mainly cost little or nothing but which can make someone’s day. After talking to my daughter about your farm shopping she’s now going to try it too, your an example to us all. Love the card which would look beautiful above my sewing corner where I try to make surprises for friends and family. But if I don’t win it just keep on reminding us that it’s the little kindnesses that go a long way. (On my ferry trip today, my bag fell off the seat contents everywhere, a little girl of about 7-8 got off her seat and helped pick it all up, she’d obviously learned like Lizzie will that kindnesses are good. It made my day!)

    • Thank you another lovely lovely comment. Something will be winging its way to your sewing corner very very soon. As I said below everyone who has requested the card is going to receive a little it of kindness. Keep an eye on your inbox xx

  8. What a lovely post, your little girl is so sweet, I absolutely love your blog and since finding you, we have made a few changes and I gave you a mention on my blog at the weekend. We have been using our local farm shop every week since the beginning of the year and also off to our first farmers market this weekend. Thank you for all the inspiration. Best wishes Cathy

    • Thank you 🙂 Just popped over to your blog – I LOVE IT! It’s so inviting – I am now rushing to finish my blogmin (thats blog admin hehe) and have a read before the end of nap time. Thank you so much for the mention can’t wait to have a read – your photos look amazing #excited. All the best with the shopping please stay in touch and if your up for it perhaps we could do some bloggy stuff together as we seem to have similar interests? xxxx

  9. Lovely post! I like your bake & share recipe idea. I’ll have to give that one a go. Your card is lovely too. If I were to win it I’d post it to my dear friend in Australia to let her know I’m thinking of her. Oz really is far away when one of your besties lives there!

    • Hiya,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – there have been some lovely comment about the card and I’ve decided that everyone will get something. However, I LOVE the idea of the original card going to Australia so……… you will get the card to send happiness across the world – I will also do you a little something to keep. Watch your inbox 🙂 xxx

  10. Go Team Pugh! Loved lots of the things on there. Along with your bucket list thing you recently posted and this I am going to strive to do something myself. time needs to be made for more kindness and thought so that it becomes second nature. xx

  11. I love the idea of ‘Ten small things’ If we all did ten small things just think of all the love and joy we could create in a sad world.

      • I had to smile the other day when I saw this ad’on Facebook.
        ‘Grow beautiful things and live a simpler life in FarmVille2.’
        Fine if you want virtual satisfaction.
        Me? I came to live in Scotland and did it for real, priceless.
        And now you are inspiring me to take it a stage further and manage without supermarkets altogether. It shouldn’t be too hard, we already use farm shops next on the list is to use the local butcher, we’re really lucky to have a choice of three. Plus I’m cooking more and more from scratch at home. Today, because it was raining all day and I couldn’t get outside to do anything, I have made two batches of soup and two lots of biscuits. But, weather permitting, we’ll soon be planting this years crop.
        If I were younger and had children to rear I would also be thinking very seriously about home schooling them but I’m a grandad now so that’s too late.
        Keep up the good work, I look forward to your inspirational posts.

      • so true about things like facebook! Awesome to hear you are a local shopper too, I bet you can get some wonderful things in Scotland 🙂

        Interesting about home schooling – the older Lizzie gets the more it looks appealing

  12. Ahhhh thank you for your lovely words about my blog I am glad you like it 🙂 I would absolutely love to do something together via our blogs, I am going to work on a post soon on how we have made a few changes so will be linking up then, I will keep in touch. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. x x

  13. Oh Becksie, you do like to keep yourself busy! Your illustration on the card is beautiful – I like making cards but your creativity leaves me standing!
    Jessica in the basket is such a great picture, haha. THANK YOU for the biscuits recipe, I’m going to be on it. And my chickens will also be thankful to you tomorrow without knowing why 🙂

    I love that your blogs remind me of the important things in life. I’ve spent most of the morning fretting about money (related to car service today, and recurring calls from the Ford garage…) but finding another lovely blog of yours has reminded me that I could be hit by the proverbial bus tomorrow and the important thing is to make happy memories and to be good people. I love you lot!

    Thanks for another inspired post, Siobhan xx

    PS our supermarket freedom is going reasonably well – challenging – we’re still pants at organising ourselves with weekly evening meals. But the best thing is that shopping in markets and local shops is actually ENJOYABLE! Which certainly cannot be said of a trip to Sainsbury’s!

    • What a lovely comment – so pleased this post helped inwhen you felt stressed. Hope the biscuits went well and the chucks enjoyed their hot breakfast 🙂 So pleased local shopping is working out well for you too

  14. What a lovely idea. I always feel bad when I read your posts about kindness as I have still yet to do my RAOK. I really must get on and do it.

    Your card is lovely btw and I especially love the recipe idea. I may try to bake it and give some to one of the lovely ladies at church.

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