To infinity and beyond

scarf 1A while back Jenny told Becksie about an idea she had seen to make an infinity scarf.

Shortly after Mary gave Becksie some beautiful fabric. Fabric fans like Becksie will know that some bits of fabric are very special. You spend ages just looking at them thinking of the million possibilities but not wanting to cut them for fear you will ruin them. These beautiful pieces of fabric have sat in the drawer for ages and every time Becksie sees them she yearns for better sewing skills.

Whilst thinking of our year with less a thought struck Becksie. This fabric is too beautiful to sit in the drawer. Her sewing skills will only improve with practice. Mary gave them as a gift to be used and actually would be more delighted to see them used as opposed to stored. In short our year with less means that things like this should be used and treasured and not in a drawer.

So Becksie got the fabric and some scissors and tried hard to remember what Jenny had told her. She guesses she could have gone online and studied a tutorial but she knew she’d end up frustrated as she isn’t great at following patterns yet (she must learn in order to complete her 30 list).

So here is what she did in simple (not great at sewing) terms:

Take two contrasting fat quarts of fabric.

scarf 2Fold each piece into thirds and iron – giving yourself a line to cut down.

scarf 3The two fat quarts will now be six pieces. That’s 3 pieces for each side of the scarf. Arrange as you wish – (see above).

scarf 4Sew the three pieces together – making two long strips of three. Iron the seems flat.

As it is winter Becksie made a piece of scrap fleece (from a quilllow) into the same length and width (errrm roughly cut by eye).

scarf 5So then simply lay the fabric out – pattern fabric right side to right side with the fleece on top.

Pin (Becksie did do this step honest ;))!!

scarf 6Sew around one end and both sides in a straight(ish) line about quarter of an inch in.

Turn the fabric so that the right sides are now facing out.

scarf 7Make a fold in the scarf so it is twisted like so….

scarf 9Turn the fabric from the open end under and put the sewn end inside.

scarf 8Sew it up!!

scarf 10And voila! The beautiful fabric is now a scarf! Wear the scarf with pride (who cares about shoddy sewing). Becksie is very proud of this effort and will enjoy this fabric gift way more than in its folded perfect state. Thank you Mary this is a lovely gift. And thank you Jenny for the idea.

The scarf in action (during Becksie's younger days hehe)

The scarf in action (during Becksie’s younger days hehe)

Ironically both Mary and Jenny are total pro sewers so they must both promise to not look closely at this effort! 😉


10 thoughts on “To infinity and beyond

  1. Oh that’s gorgeous Becksie!….I don’t like following patterns either…in fact I sew like I cook!!!! make it up as you go along…its much more fun and original that way!

  2. As a total klutz at sewing I have to rely on my daughter (Daisy’s mum, Jen) for advice. She certainly doesn’t get the sewing gene from me! lol

  3. Enjoy reading every day the lovely proactive things you do with your life .well done , I hope it encourages many people ,especially older folk who may have now to live in their own , to use their time wisely in sewing and knitting and producing perhaps gifts to raise money for charity or simply giving to friends for birthdays etc

    • Thank you for the lovely comment we are so glad to hear you enjoy reading our adventures, Over a year into blogging and it is still amazing to us that folks are inspired by reading about what we get up to. Thank you for reading xx

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