Last night - The last photo  of Becksie in her 20's!!

Last night – The last photo of Becksie in her 20’s!!

Becksie is thirty! As opposed to feeling terrified as she thought she might she actually feels very positive. She has decided that in her year of being 30 she must achieve the following 30 things. No excuses, they must get done. So she has compiled a list of things to do. Some are in code as they are personal but we thought we’d share it anyway.

Little Becksie (could be Lizzie)

Little Becksie (could be Lizzie)

In no particular order:

1. Write a paid article that is published in a national newspaper or magazine – written by Becksie not written about Becksie.

2. Milk a cow.

3. Get a regular slot on a radio show.

4. Make Lizzie a dress that is a) beautiful and b) actually fits properly.

5. Make Becksie a dress that is a) beautiful and b) actually fits properly.

6. Enter the Taylor Wessing photography competition (with the aim of winning, even though Becksie knows that for someone who doesn’t yet own a camera – other than a point and shot and an iPhone – winning is perhaps too ambitious).

7. Get a proper camera with a long lens without spending any money (stealing is not an option).

8. Write our book / or at least action plan b.30 (4)

9. Earn an income from one of Becksie’s crazy schemes.

10. Knit something good.

11. Set up project 87.

12. Get at least one celebrity to participate in project 87.

13. Join another choir.

14. Learn to say NO.

15. Crack going to bed earlier and getting up earlier – Becksie would be so much more productive.

16. Go back to New York.30 (3)

17. Finally change our bedroom curtains (there is a semi interesting story to this -semi interesting is pushing it).

18. Action project J.

19. Win an award – the last award Becksie won was the Ian Banford Milroy music studio award in 1994! Thats 20 years ago now! 2014 is the year! Becksie doesn’t really mind what the award is but she needs to actually deserve it.

20. Paint the garden fence.

21. Go backstage at a West end show.

22. Get Lizzie’s scrap books up to date.

23. Complete the £1000 challenge.30 (5)

24. Join a pilates class and actually do it.

25. Get back in to netball.

26. Learn to make decent flapjack – Becksie knows kids make this but her’s is, for some reason, never, ever right!

27. Do something for a charity.

28. Start constantly singing times table songs to Lizzie – Becksie might be 30 but she still struggles with times tables. She finds them dull and, if she’s honest, pointless but she wants to make sure Lizzie gets them. Becksie read an article saying that if a small person learns songs about tables way before understanding tables they stand a good chance of understanding them. So…… this year she NEEDS to learn some tables songs and sing them. Who knows she might finally crack it too (although she will still maintain that they are pointless hehe).

29. Get better at gardening.

30. Become an expert at something she currently knows nothing about!

Wow it’s going to be busy!!!


When Becksie read the list to Ian he immediately picked up the flaws (he’s the realist and Becksie is the dreamer) like the fact trips to New York cost lots but……Becksie the dreamer is of the mindset that if you don’t believe you can do these things you never will. And…… there is always ways to achieve things, you just have to think outside the box.30 (6)

 So there you have it Becksie’s 30 list. Who knows someone reading this right now might be looking for a magazine columnist or a new radio show host (hint hint ;)). Or they might need someone to go to New York via the backstage of a west end show to milk a cow (double trip hint hint ;)).

 Becksie is excited for what her 30’s will bring :). Driving home from the chiropractors the other night Becksie realised that she can honestly say that she is a really happy person and likes herself and feels proud of who she is and what she does so if on the (very small) off chance she doesn’t achieve these things then it doesn’t matter (that much) as having inner happiness matters much much more than big camera ownership. Just as she was thinking this a VERY cheesy song (that reminds her of growing up) came on the radio. For the first time ever she heard past the cheese and really listened to the lyrics! There is probably some other hidden meanings but in connection with what she’d been thinking they somehow seemed very appropriate!

 Major cheese alert but really listen to the lyrics and know that you are the best at being you. This leads to inner happiness and self confidence and Becksie thinks can make you achieve your aims. So listen to this whilst Becksie packs for New York whilst singing her nine times tables!

 Happy 30th Birthday Becksie x 


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  1. Fab post! Happy Birthday Becksie! I spent my 30th in Mexico and asked my husband for a baby ~ she turned 10 last year and I 40, 9 month’s before her 😉 (in New York ~ there’s a theme going on here…) Hope you achieve all you wish for in this special year, although I think you’ve already achieved the ultimate gift ~ inner happiness 🙂

  2. Ooh, maybe I need a list of 40 things! And guess what song I’ve got on my playlist 😉! Happy Birthday xx

  3. Happy birthday Becksie! Enjoy your 30’s! I’m totally with you on tables, I still don’t know mine but at not far short of twice your age I’m not going to worry about it now xx

  4. Happy 30th birthday, Becksie!!!!! Welcome to the “next generation”! Enjoy each and every day of this entire year…

  5. Happy Birthday and many more of them! Good luck with “The List”! I’m afraid my list would be somewhat shorter than yours. I aspire to do 2 things, go to “Proms in the Park” can’t afford the main event and to keep close to my lovely family who are what keep me going! I learned long ago that the material things are not what matter but the way you approach your life and the others in it will give you the most back. You and your little family are already way along that road. May good health, happiness and enough wealth see you through!

  6. congratulations on that landmark I didn’t want to get to 30 either and was worried youth was behind me but came the day and I enjoyed it so much is it me or have you not had the pleasure of doing things on that list or has the forgetfulness started x

  7. Happy birthday Becksie! I think your 30s are better than your 20s! I’m coming from that point of view as someone who is quite a bit over half way through her 30s. Good luck with the list too, it sounds like a challenge but lots of fabulous things to achieve. X

  8. Happy Birthday for Saturday Becksie, January’s a good month!
    I still know my 7 times tables by singing them and I’m now 27 (in a few days).
    AND, on the netball front, I thought the same and have ended up actually organising one in my village on our shiney new sports courts. It’s fun and sociable but terrifying to organise! But fun fun and fun. Good luck! Enjoy the next decade – it’s reputed to be a good one xx

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