Shopping and some cakes for Da

Today saw our first shop of 2014. We headed off to Faringdon Farmers market despite the wind and to quote Lizzie ‘orrabul raaain’! We were delighted with our shop (if a tad self conscious as we were being filmed for ITV Meridian news – you can watch the piece here) and between the small (but perfectly formed) market and deli got most of what we needed.  So here it is, shopping trip 1 of 2014,  a total spend so far of £40.80. We need more fruit and vegetables but the fruit and veg man wasn’t in attendance so Ian will be deployed on a lunch time mission tomorrow at the market in Oxford with £9.20 at his disposal.

Somehow after Christmas it feels quite nice to get back to normal and this certainly applies to our shopping, we did a huge shop before Christmas and did buy a few bits before this shop but what with going away we haven’t needed more. The last few days we have been on leftover patrol eating a mix of things that needed eating up plus bits from the freezer so this seems like a fresh start.

shopping 1 (2)

You may spy a bag of bright orange delight in the picture – this is in fact trout roe. An awesome seasonal delight (for only £2 a bag) that we are very excited to try. Guess what it was even sold to us with a few recipe suggestions, one of which is something Becksie loves. It is also something she hasn’t had for over a year now since supermarket days – that’s right folks taramasalata! Keep posted for the recipe to follow very soon.

Now as you may remember we have a deal with Da that he gives us free vegetables from his garden in exchange for cake. This is a good deal but it seems we have not been doing enough on our side of the bargain. Last night on the phone Da casually mentioned the fact that for some time now he hasn’t received any cake. This meant only one thing………. it was time for Lizzie to put on her baking apron and get on it!shopping 1 (3)

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

shopping 1 (4)Assemble:

100 grams butter

100 grams caster sugar

2 eggs

25ml strong coffee

100 grams self raising flour

35 grams of crushed walnuts

Preheat the oven to 180c

shopping 1 (5)In a bowl cream together the butter and sugar until very light and fluffy.

Add the eggs on at a time then mix in the flour, coffee and walnuts.

Divide into cup cases and bake for approximately 20 minutes until golden and a skewer comes our clean.

Allow to cool.

Taste test

Taste test

Whilst they are cooling make the icing by combining about 60 grams of butter and 1200 grams of icing sugar. Add a dash of coffee and a dash of baileys (do this a few drips at a time as you need the icing to stay stiff). Chill.

Decorated by Lizzie

Decorated by Lizzie

Then……. you guessed it, ice and decorate the cakes and…….. give to Da!


20 thoughts on “Shopping and some cakes for Da

  1. Watching you on tv today totally inspired me and I’m looking forward to cutting my £120 a week shopping bit significantly for my family of 5 🙂

  2. Loved seeing you on the TV! At least this piece showed you in the right way! Well done Lizzie I see her skills at baking are improving all the time. Can’t wait to hear about your food holiday when it comes along.

  3. Much better coverage!! Daisy’s Dadad likes coffee cake so we must make him some of the lovely cupcakes!

  4. What a lovely interview for ITV and as said above they understood the idea behind the year.
    I bet you didn’t expect to have such fame when you started this year off 🙂

  5. Great!…A very positive ITV view of what you do Becksie…..loving the idea of Baileys addition to Coffee and Walnut Cake (a regular favourite)….Ive been using a fab Maple & Walnut coffee when I can get over to Faversham Mackenades Food store (add to your tour!)…..Faringdon market/delies etc look outstanding…Im very jealous….I shall go bake a cake now to cheer myself up!

  6. Excellent TV appearance you superstars. Loved the “cheese-review-pending”-Lizzie shot at the end! Keep taking every opportunity you can to get the message out there because you are working miracles.

  7. Great clip and the reason behind your experiment came across really clearly 🙂 Keep up the good work you’ve so inspired us and our lives and bank account have already changed for the better!

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