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Barnstaple 1At lunch time today we had a phone call from our lovely friend Mary to tell us we must put Radio 4 on. So……. we did! And we are really glad we did as it was a launch for this year’s Food and Farming Awards. This is so up our Local High Street it’s amazing. This is a high profile award to reward fantastic, wonderful, awesome, amazing, brilliant food people with a real focus on real food and LOCAL food!

We bang on and on about loving markets, loving products, loving local shops and this gives us and indeed you the opportunity to vote for the places and the people who make these wonderful and inspirational things possible. There are ten categories and we have already sent in some of our nominations:

shopping week 9 (3)Hare in the Woods the AMAZING deli  in Faringdon for

The Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’ Best Food Retailer

farm 7Dews Meadow Farm and the lovely Jane for

Best Food Producer

So why not head on over to the nomination page and get shouting about the places and people who help in some way to bring great food to you.

There is also a category which is food personality of the year. ‘This is for a personality in the last year who has inspired you to think differently about food? It could be a writer, broadcaster, blogger or television chef; any kind of communicator who in the past twelve months has used their work to give us fresh insights into the food we eat’.



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