New Year Craft

wool 8So today the decorations came down! The decorations were bright and cheery and without their presence we are feeling a little bit sad!wool 10

The nativity has taken a serious beating from the cats and is coming down tomorrow so Becksie decided we needed something new to make Lizzie say WOW. So…………. some sticks and some scrap wool have become a new cheery ornament.wool 5

wool 2

This is a very easy yet satisfying project and we think it’ll look rather cheerful to see us through January and the best bit……. not a penny spent.wool 6

wool 4

wool 3

Now for those of you thinking about how this fits in to our Year With Less…………..well, the whole point of the Year With Less is not to buy nothing, acquire nothing or make nothing, but to not hoard or hold on to things unnecessarily. So, we have made our twigs and will let them brighten up our living room window this January, but we promise not to hoard them once they have fulfilled their purpose and will re-purpose them into a new use (which will undoubtedly be as firelighters)!!wool 7

This little project also had a very Year With Less outcome. We have had the glass bottle we’ve used for the twigs for nearly 4 years – we found it on the side of the road full of mud and gave it a little clean, but it has sat grubby in a cupboard for a long time, being pulled for uses as an emergency vase when required, however in true Year With Less style it is no longer sat useless and dirty but clean and useful!wool 1


10 thoughts on “New Year Craft

  1. Love the twigs and their “guardian” lady! What a cheerful corner they make! It’s always awful when the decorations come down, the rooms look so bare and somewhat colourless. Well done finding something to make the place zing for a while longer. I’ve used twigs at Easter to make an Easter tree to hang decorative eggs from, I painted them white with some left over paint then added the hanging eggs.

  2. Hi Team Pugh, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! I heard about your year without supermarkets through the Daily Mail and since then I have been addicted to reading both your past and current posts. So much so that my husband and I are joining you and trying to shop at local businesses and markets instead of at larger supermarkets. We are doing our first food shop of the new year at a farm shop tomorrow morning (which both my husband and I are very excited about). Anyway, I look forward to your next post. Happy new Year to you all 🙂

    • Hiya

      Happy New Year and thank you so much for taking your time to read our ramblings 🙂 We are glad you are enjoying the blog. Fab to hear you are supporting local businesses, I wish you every success, I have a feeling you will save loads and eat great food. All the best and do keep us posted.

      Much Love

      Team Pugh xxx

  3. Such pretty sticks and what a good idea – yarn-bombing your own house! Burning the sticks could produce some black smoke and a horrible smell if you’ve used acrylic rather than wool.

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