A little Challenge?

shop local 2Well that’s it folks, Christmas has been and gone and we are now in those weird few days between Christmas and New Year. Presents have been played with, admired and are starting to make their way to their new homes. Lizzie is pleased to be home and play with her ‘titchen’ and Becksie and Ian are cooking up some ideas for new blog mini series. And……. as soon as this blog post is done and dusted we are planning to watch television for the first time in a month.

That’s right we did it, we managed (over) a month without television and it really wasn’t all that painful, it has really got us thinking and we will post our thoughts about it very soon.shop local 4

Yesterday was an exciting old day as we made page 3 of  The Daily Mail. Ian was looking very dapper, Lizzie looks very beautiful and Becksie (whilst looking very Daily Mail) didn’t really look like herself – oh well. Of course there have been many comments on the story (some not so nice), mostly about the shopping lists not being comparable, Becksie having annoying hair and looking 39 eeeekk and double grrrrr) – it would seem that people have forgot to factor in that the pictures and list were an example shops – oh very dear. Today Becksie also did an interview with Larry Lamb for LBC radio, he was jolly nice and seemed very positive about finding alternative shopping methods and the interview seemed to spark a good debate. Anyway we figure if your reading this you get where we are coming and can see the merits of local shopping.

Which bring us to the point of the post……….

As we said its nearly New Year and what happens at New Year? Of course we all make New Year’s resolutions. Last year we decided to get more organised and we think on the whole we have succeed. We are spending some time thinking up our resolutions for next year and thought that you might also be doing the same.

shop local

Well…….. we have a suggestion, why not make a pledge to make 2014  the year of local shopping. We know that our challenge is perhaps the extreme and some of you have said it would be impossible where you live, however (again) if you are reading this you probably are already doing this at least a little and certainly care about local shops, so why not get involved (even in a small way), for example challenging yourselves to only buy meat from the butchers?

You could also pop over to the Shop Local website to pledge your support for what we think is a brilliant and worthwhile campaign. Who knows you might even get information about campaigns and events and……top tips on how to make this local shopping lark work for you.

We’d also like to put a little appeal out…………………….we would love to feature some guest blogs from readers who are either currently local shopping or take it up as part of a New Year’s resolution – please do contact us!

And if we don’t see you before, Happy New Year!!


15 thoughts on “A little Challenge?

  1. I’d love to guest blog for you on the theme of local shopping in the Paris area 🙂 Let me know if that’s something that would interest you 🙂

  2. I read the Daily Mail comments but was too angry at the comments to leave one myself. Why do people not get that you’re not asking them to do it just showing what’s possible. the article seems to have misrepresented you too as it says you’re both in work!

    It’s why I don’t read the odious rag!!!

  3. I was thinking along these lines (re local shopping) on my walk today as Im looking for ways to trim back the spending as well as eat healthier. Am certainly gonna frequent our butchers and greengrocers more, the rest of the shops are a bit pants so might have to go a bit further afield (but still within a 30 min walk). So am aiming to shop (kinda) locally and save petrol as well as ££££ :o)

  4. Well done on your Daily Mail appearance! I haven’t read it myself as I don’t buy that paper however we visited my husbands nan yesterday and she mentioned it to us! I’ll check it out online. I’ll email you as we’ve decided to go supermarket free for the month of January… Eek! We’re half way there as we have a veg box delivered, our milk is delivered by a milkman and a fish man knocks around every 6-8 weeks so I can fill up my freezer. So it’s going to be groceries that I struggle with. I’m going to check out the the local shops in North Watford and I know I can get some bits in Watford town centre. I’m also going to look at the market in the next town, st Albans as that’s usually pretty good. Wish us luck!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Very exciting to make page 3 te hee. Awesome news to hear about your supermarket free January I look forward to your email 🙂 All the best I’m sure it will be easy 🙂

  5. We’re doing it – we’re going supermarket free for 2014! We get our veg box from North Aston Organics, a farm a couple of villages away, and I’m going to sign up for the milkman. I’ve now got my freezer for batch cooking and we got a slow cooker for Christmas so that I can come in from work of an evening in my hungry-grump and dinner will be right there before me, hot and ready to eat…MMMMM!! No more hunger-induced evening tantrums for me! I’m also starting to bake bread…ha ha.
    So we are going to give it our very best shot. Think my housemate will need a bit of extra training and steering in the right direction, but at least he is up for it! Can’t wait 🙂
    Perhaps I’ll try and write an interesting, stimulating and if it calls for it humorous summary when we’ve been doing it for a while….it may not be worth posting though!
    Happy New Year Team Pugh and all blog followers! xx

  6. Well done on the daily mail article; getting into mainstream press is a great way to get new people on board. Ignore all the comments; 99% of these people would never say to your face what they can say anonymously. You’re doing a wonderful job of ‘being the change’

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