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So we’ve done it…….. our second supermarket free Christmas! Was it hard? Not at all, as we have said many a time this has simply become a way of life. We were very fortunate and received many lovely gifts and had a jolly lovely time. We also enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner with delightful pork from Dews Meadow Farm and lots of lovely vegetables. We received lots of wonderful gifts and were pleased that the gifts we gave were well received. The leftover dinner (that was left after the obligatory Christmas evening tea) was turned into Christmas dinner soup and it is now in the freezer ready for another day.

Now of course the question on everyone’s lips is what did we get for Christmas? Well…… Ian got a cooking lesson at our local deli (no more Cafe Pugh disasters), Becksie got some posh secateurs (watch this space on the garden this year) and what about Lizzie?

Lizzie, as the title suggests got………. a play 12

Now for a few months before we had a good look around and whilst there are some really sweet play kitchens for sale none of them seemed quite right, so we decided to build her one. One day on a walk in Lechlade a lady on a canal barge was having a furniture give away. free 1As you can imagine the furniture was rather compact and we were delighted with the two door cabinet we carried (it was very heavy) away! We stashed it in the shed and towards the middle of November decided to get started!

About 30 seconds in and we realised whilst it would work it wasn’t quite right. So we went back to the drawing board – namely our kitchen table and here an idea struck us. Where was the kitchen going to go? Well we had thought about moving our recipe books but…… in our compact (rather like a barge style compact) house where would these important books go? How about the under the stairs cupboard? No…………they’d be hidden away but……….what about if the washer moved to the space (where plumbing already was) in the utility (this space housed a built in shoe cupboard which was easy to get out)! Then if the pots and pans and plates also moved………. you guessed it we could put Lizzie’s play kitchen in its own little room! A few more minutes chat and placing a pre-built kitchen made from a converted cabinet had turned into building (from scratch) a kitchen that where possible (with a bit of artistic license) was a replica of our very own real 19

kitchen 24An hour later and our kitchen looked a complete tip (as as any parent of a small child knows if its nap time you must simply crack on). So Ian ripped out the cupboard in the utility whilst Becksie moved around the kitchen. Lizzie awoke from her nap to a complete state!

We even found a stash of supermarket carriers in the back of the cupboard showing how long it is since we last cleared it out.

We even found a stash of supermarket carriers in the back of the cupboard showing how long it is since we last cleared it out.

Over the next few weeks we moved the washer and Ian built the units completely out of scrap wood from his shed. Most of these were left over from the real renovation of this house and had indeed come out of the many cupboards that Ian took out. It seemed right to use these as materials as somehow going and buying new / more just isn’t us. Of course it means that Ian spent way longer than if we’d just bought new but somehow this feels right and like we are using bits of the house’s history in its 23

Walls painted, cupboards in and it was time to start the really hard work! Ian has worked extremely, incredibly hard with Becksie’s role being chief supporter, Lizzie distractor, diy sounding board (an actual piece of board might have actually know the answers), first aider, tea maker and designer (homemade bits, small replicas of our things, cooker fronts etc). This has been a real team effort including a days hard graft from Poppa – whilst Gannie took the reins as Lizzie distractor and several babysitting sessions, including an overnight stay from Mammar and Da! What a fab thing that we can say everyone helped. Whilst everyone has worked really hard Becksie will ensure that Lizzie knows its Daddy who is the star of this show. So here we have it our Christmas gift to our amazing small person Lizzie. May we present Lizzie’s play kitchen!kitchen 8

kitchen 9

kitchen 14

kitchen 11

kitchen 10

kitchen 7

kitchen 4

kitchen 1

kitchen 27


38 thoughts on “Lizzie’s Play Kitchen

  1. omg!!! Becksie this is soooo AMAZING!!!!…Lizzie will never ever forget this very special gift and all the wonderful memories she is going to make in here…so much more than she would from a shop bought pressie….my own enduring childhood memories are of being kept out of my bedroom while my Nan & Grandad made me my first dressing table…from 3 suitcases piled up and covered in beautiful pink silk flounces and ribbon roses and an upcycled mirror covered in gold braid…..absolute magic to 5 year old me and never ever forgotten!…ooh Lizzie can I come and play please! xx

  2. Absolutely outstanding! What an excellent present with more love in it than any plastic rubbish bought from a shop! My Dad made me a shop with two bow front windows and later a dolls house with wallpaper and furniture like our house. These presents are the sort that are remembered forever. The “dad” made it being the thing that makes it stand out. Lizzie is a very lucky girl. Can’t wait to see pictures of her in there, hope you took some as she went in for the first time.

  3. That’s brilliant, I was looking through the pictures thinking where are the ones of Lizzie’s kitchen, she is very lucky

  4. Incredible ! So much love and hard work. My Dad and Grampa built me a replica of our family home, Mum and Nan furnished it and they all had a hand in decorating it . It was my 5th Birthday present . I am 57 now and I STILL have it ! It has so many wonderful memories attached . That is what you have given Lizzie – lifelong memories . Well done !

  5. Ohmigod that is gorgeous. Ian should be very proud, hes done a fantastic job. As Cookaholic Kate and Hilary have both said sooooooomuch better than a bought one, and will last longer as well. Im sure Lizzie (and her little friends) will have hours of fun in there. And the bonus of being able to close the door on it,( instead of having to tidy everything away when shes finished playing) will be well worth it. Well done Team Pugh! 🙂

  6. you clever clogs its such a lovely pressie for her and by the way loved the article in the mail this morning how you differ from page 37happy new year to you allx

  7. Wow, wow, wow! That is an amazing job. Totally adorable, personal and infinitely better than some plastic shop bought kitchen that wouldn’t last. Well done to you all, it sounds like a real team effort.

  8. I agree with Grannie’s comment. Very proud of both of you. Well done……..amazing parents
    I remember when Rebekah was small Da made her a shop. She had hours and hours of fun with it. She was so frustrated with her younger sister Leah who would just stroll up and take the goods off the shelves without paying at the till. Will be interesting to see Lizzie play and interact with others in her very own kitchen.
    Love Mammar x x

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