23rd December

23 (1

Wow the penultimate day of our advent series……..time has FLOWN by!

Today our activity is one that Becksie added especially for Ian………….. today’s task was to go a little bit retro and make banana fritters which Ian LOVES!23 (2

Make a simple batter using self raising flour, bicarbonate of soda, milk, egg and cinnamon, coat banana chunks and deep fry until golden brown. 23 (3

23 (4

23 (5Serve with warmed up golden syrup. Try not to think the health consequences.

Ian was very impressed – Lizzie on the other hand was not keen on the tiny bit she tried and stuck to a (much healthier) satsuma!

23 (6So what was today’s kindness? Well it was to be kind to ourselves and relax having done all the Christmas prep!!!! We have indeed done all of the Christmas prep but we aren’t feeling all that relaxed as our lovely cat Jake is missing. Come back Jake we miss you 😦 Jake 1


10 thoughts on “23rd December

  1. Well done Lizzie showing a healthy attitude to food already! So sorry about Jake I hope he turns up when this awful weather passes from some hideyhole he’s sheltering in! I wish you all the very best of Christmasses and hope you’ll find your challenge for next year. Your online friends will be waiting for your next adventure. ğŸŽ„

  2. Banana fritters were a favourite dessert in Hong Kong – the Chinese restaurants would serve the fritters smothered in toffee syrup and bring them to the table hot where they were then dunked in a bowl of iced water to set the toffee! Yummy.

    I hope Jake returns in time for Christmas, best wishes to you all xxxxx

  3. Love reading your blog, I know I am a bit behind, but, we don’t have a paper on a daily basis, my neighbour gives me her old papers for the fire, I came across the article about you in her paper, what a load of rubbish, they have missed the point, don’t they understand that shopping without a supermarket is fun, not being a Scrooge. We have just started shopping without a supermarket (does spar count) the out door markets are great and the local butcher now knows us by name! and we have a joke! thanks for your tips! love them! we are at the other end of the scale! we are OAP’s

  4. Aww Jake come home..its cold out there…hope he has just holed up somewhere safe and warm…..thanks for all your lovely cheery advent posts …merry xmas …have a good one….see you next year with whatever you decide to do next! xx

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