22nd December

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22 (4Our activity today is to have a picnic by the fire! Now as Lizzie was busy hanging out at Mammar and Da’s it was a picnic for two – who said romance was dead hehe! 22 (3

Very simple but very nice.

Now to our kindness which was to send a festive joke to someone. We have of course send out several and in the spirit of Christmas we thought we’d share a few with you. Brace yourself they are NAFF!!!

Why does Santa have 3 gardens?
So he can ho-ho-ho.

There was once a great czar in Russia named Rudolph the Red.
He stood looking out the windows of is palace one day while his
wife, the Czarina Katerina, sat nearby knitting. He turned to her
and said, “Look my dear, it has begun to rain!” Without even
looking up from her knitting she replied, “It’s too cold to rain. It
must be sleeting.” The Czar shook his head and said, “I am the
Czar of all the Russias, and Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!”

Q: What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May?
A: A puddle!

Team Pugh's Snowman!!

Sorry we know these are AWFUL!!


6 thoughts on “22nd December

  1. I had to read the second joke twice! They are my kind of joke, love the daily acts of kindness and activities. Are they all thought up in advance?

  2. What a special way to bring up a young child , reading , cooking ,making cakes, sitting on Daddy’s knee while having a picnic on the house . Well done I love reading your blogs everyday . All young children deserve this sort of upbringing ; the blogs should be part of tea time children’s tv to encourage other families to be creative in the same way

    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, this has made our day and its really lovely to be encouraged in this way . It makes us really sad that there are little people out there who don’t get such love and kindness.

      Merry Christmas and Thanks for reading xx

  3. I love the romantic picnic by the fire. However, ref the above jokes, I agree that they are pants. I just spotted a whole list of new equally-pants ones and thought of you! So I thought I’d make you feel better by shamelessly robbing them (from the Smiths Gore land-based publication Landscope, Christmas Edition, no less);
    Why did no one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on ebay? Because they were two deer.
    What does the Queen call her Christmas broadcast? The One Show.
    Why don’t you ever see Santa in hospital? Because he has private elf care.
    How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus weighed 7′ 6″ when he was born? They had a weigh in a manger.

    And finally *drum roll* this is an interesting variation on one of yours, above;
    How do you know if Santa has visited your garden shed? You’ve got three extra hoes.

    Huge apologies! 🙂

    But many many happy Christmas wishes to all of you and thanks soooo much for the advent blog, it’s been awesome xx

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