21st December

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Today our activity was to make Christmas Pizzas and our kindness was to skype Gannie and Poppa and make them laugh.

Now today we couldn’t skype Gannie and Poppa as……… they came to see us as Poppa kindly offered to help Ian with a spot of pre Christmas DIY – this DIY was taking place (mostly) in the kitchen so…… the making of pizzas was also tricky!

21 (2So…………. not to be beaten we did the only possible thing possible in this situation and turned the living room into a Christmas pizza factory, this made Lizzie and Gannie and Poppa laugh so we reckon we pulled off both our activity and our kindness!

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After making pizzas we also may have made some festive biscuits in the living room – oh well sometimes you have to defy convention and make a mess!!


10 thoughts on “21st December

  1. How wonderful that you turned the front room into the kitchen, just the sort of thing I used to do! I hope your biscuit mix wasn’t as sticky as ours was today. My granddaughters had laugh out loud moments as I tried to get it less sticky. You’ll be so glad in years to come that you have all those photos of your precious moments.

  2. LOVING your Christmas tree, and snowman pizzas! Might have to steal this idea, and start a Christmas Eve tradition in our house šŸ™‚ Thankyou for the inspiration!

  3. What a super idea! Make lots of these happy memories and when you clean up think of the pleasure and laughter that was given today. As well as the yummy food!

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