20th December

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So……….. we have a confession today we have epically failed on our advent activity and kindness! Today’s activity was to make coconut ices. Now this morning poor Lizzie had a small accident and hurt her head, this threw our day out of kilter and meant that the plans of our day changed and as a consequence the gathering of necessary items (namely coconut and the making of condensed milk) didn’t happen. So we have no coconut ices to eat and worst still share with friends as our kindness was to give some of the treats away.

So……..we decided to change our activity to reading lots of stories and giving Lizzie extra big cuddles and to be kind to ourselves by not trying hard to think of alternative blog content. So……. there you go but as Mammar says ‘that’s life and this is England!’ (this is a famous phrase in our house hehe).

We are sure many of our readers will be as sad as we are that poor little Lizzie has hurt herself but she is ok although she does have an  ‘ache ache’ in her head. Of all places Lizzie managed to bump and cut her head in the library! Poor little sausage who was EXTREMELY brave.

Little Miss Lizzie Bump

Little Miss Lizzie Bump


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  1. I agree with Mammar! I’m afraid more bumps will happen but as long as they’re not serious then hugs and kisses will work just fine! Hope Lizzie’s ache ache is better now.

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