19th December

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How on earth is it the 19th December already? Team Pugh have all pretty much reached our elastic limit and are ready for Christmas and a bit of a rest. 19 (4Luckily today’s activity was a) very tasty and b) very easy. Today our activity was to  make mulled apple juice and drink it by the fire. We know wine would have been nice but we wanted Lizzie to be a part of the activity so it was apple juice all the way. But……. not just any old apple juice……..our homemade juice from our freezer stockpile. So we warmed up a pan of this lovely juice added a teaspoon of sugar, some orange slices, a stick of cinnamon and a few cloves and heated gently for a few minutes. Delicious! We added water to Lizzie’s but even so she was DELIGHTED at being allowed to drink ‘duuuuceee’ by the fire from a cup.

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19 (3Our kindness for the day was for Ian and Becksie to do something nice for Lizzie. So…….. as a treat Lizzie was allowed to open a present early……… she was very very pleased and gave both Ian and Becksie and big hug and repeatedly said ‘tar’ and signed thank you. As you can imagine this warmed our hearts. As an extra kindness we didn’t make her put away at least 5 toys (as is our rule) and she was allowed to go to bed without doing this (extremely hard for a small person) task. 19 (6

We hope you are all getting excited about Christmas now especially if tomorrow is your last day at work (school etc etc). Happy holidays folks!


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  1. How did you make your lovely apple juice? We get loads of apples as andy my husband is a gardener and people often give him some. He’s about to make a press, but I don’t suppose it will be easy. I especially love to hear about your kindnesses, I do that too, and just thank people when they’ve done something for me. It’ll be lovely to see Lizzie’s kindnesses when she’s old enough to choose her own. Happy Christmas all! x

  2. How weird, I was watching some Christmas cookery programs this afternoon and saw them make mulled wine and mulled cider and was wondering if there was a way to make a mulled non-alcoholic drink as OH can’t have alcohol due to varying health conditions, plus obviously it would be nice for the kids to have something other than their usually hot chocolate treat. Thankyou, all my foraged apples either got eaten-we found a lovely tree with what tasted much like mini golden delicious on some waste land down the lane to a small local park, and the rest which were off our own tree (only 6 apples but yummy lol), the crab apples foraged went into crab apple jelly/jam so no fresh apple juice here, will have to go for a carton. I wonder if it would work with say cranberry juice or even a red grape juice, may have to experiment. Thankyou for the idea.

  3. We have had an apple day at our community shop and the apples seem to have to be chopped before being pressed so an apple chopping machine is also a ‘must!’

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