18th December

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Firstly a huge thank you to everyone for their lovely comments yesterday, The Woman’s Own headline did indeed miss the essence of this  journey but as we were discussing with Da, unless you have been on our journey with us it is indeed very hard to get your head around. Yes we have indeed saved money, lost weight and gone to extreme measures but essentially this journey (and going forward) is about having the freeness to chose that which is different. Having allowed ourselves to make this choice we have found many benefits one of which has been saving money. Don’t fear we aren’t upset we in fact find it amusing and if this is a way that the masses can understand our journey we are in fact delighted to be crowned ‘the UK’s biggest scrooges’ – do we get an award? Lets hope so.

Now back to reality – today Becksie was feeling tired and so Lizzie decided to have a needy clingy day (how do small children know exactly which days to do this?) – groan (parents of small people are we’re sure feeling this pain). So after doing what we had to do today(you know the sort of thing, jobs etc etc) we were in fact quite pleased to look in our advent calendar to find that today’s activity was to make special wrapping paper for the gifts Lizzie is giving to people. 18 (6This could only mean one thing……….. Lizzie would demand to wear her ‘TUUOOO TUUOO’ and get busy with paint and ‘glit glit’. 18 (5

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17 (6Our homemade wrapping paper is now drying and we shall very soon (in about three days – some bits are extremely painty) wrap up Lizzie’s gifts. After doing this and a failed attempt at nap time (half an hour of Lizzie crying Mimmmmmy, Mimmmmmy from her cot) we decided to retire to the sofa for nap take two, together with hot water bottles and a ‘blank blank’. Very lovely, we spent an hour discussing our tree lights and counting – Lizzie currently likes to say ‘one, two, six niiiiinnnnnee’ – and listening to the VERY windy wind.

18 (7So onto today’s kindness activity, well today we must do something kind for you lovely people who read our blog. Now this isn’t in actual fact all that easy as…….. we aren’t quite as good as Father Christmas so visiting you all with gifts is out of the question (and we are the UK’s biggest scrooges don’t forget). We next considered doing a competition but……..we will have missed the Christmas post. So please accept this as our kindness to each and every one of you……….

Dear A Year Without Supermarkets Reader (that’s you)

Thank you so very much for reading our ramblings and for all the kindness and support you have shown us (even on the boring days). We want you to know that we appreciate the time you take out of your lives to read about our adventures – it means such a lot. We have been touched by your comments and feel like we have got to know some of you quite well. It is also so heart warming when some one new drops us a line and we love hearing about how this journey has touched your lives. We know that at the moment our ramblings may be a little off piste having finished our initial challenge but we are working hard to come up with new material, perhaps a new challenge whilst still continuing  to support local independent shops and avoiding the supermarkets. We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we’d love to hear what you get up to especially with your Christmas Dinner leftovers!

Thank you once again

With much love

Team Pugh


Ian, Becksie and Lizzie xxxxTeam Pugh


14 thoughts on “18th December

  1. Ditto!…..er…whats scroogy about supporting local traders, eating great fresh food and setting a brilliant example to young Lizzie about not wasting money on rubbish.???….loving all the handmade chrissy stuff too….no wonder you are having a giggle about it…but a bit sad they don’t “get it”!

  2. That’s a lovely blog for today! I do enjoy reading your “ramblings” and find it heart warming that you can take that Women’s Own article lightly and not get offended. I wonder what they would make of the reducing and reusing that goes on in my house?!

    I just spoke to my hubby last night about taking the “no supermarket” challenge for a month starting on 1st Jan. We seem set to try it, he’s especially keen when I told him how much money you’ve been saving!

    Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and all your family. Keep up the great work.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed being involved in a tiny way (ie reading about it) with your journey. We stopped shopping in large supermarkets a while ago but still use our local co-op for stuff that we can’t buy in independent shops. Reading your blog has firmed up our commitment to always use independents except as a last resort. I also got involved in The Napkin Project and rediscovered embroidery and its restfulness. And then there is the Dress a Girl Around the World. I am planning a big village sewing bee in 2014 to get lots of dresses made. So thank you so much Team Pugh for sticking to your commitments, especially the one to blog every day. And here’s to great things for 2014.

  4. Like everyone else who’s commented (both here and previously) I’ve enjoyed your journey and feel that Woman’s Own have definitely missed the point of it! How hard is it to understand that by doing what you’ve done you are in keeping with the current trend to support the High St. and local shops and save money? Mind you, any magazine that runs stories about characters in soaps as if they’re real people isn’t up to much anyway!!

    Happy Christmas to all of you xxxx

  5. Christmas day leftovers…aren’t they Boxing Day breakfast?!

    Echo others’ thoughts, feel privileged to have shared your journey and it has been inspirational. Still struggling not to do a weekly shop in a supermarket but do get all of my veg at the farmers’ market once a month. Must find some other nearby farmers’ markets.

  6. I have always felt that mags like Woman’s Own are out of touch with the “real world” that the “likes of you and I” live in, the extra ordinary people who have to deal with every day things like shopping!

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