17th December

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Now first things first today is a wonderful day as………. what we have know for a while has now been confirmed! We are in fact ‘the UK’s biggest scrooges’! May we present our most recent (and most definitely our favourite) bit of media coverage! 17 (3Oh very dear – we somehow think Woman’s Own have missed the true spirit of our efforts. We have had a laugh about it though. Ironically the other couple featured on the same page were saving money by not having on their heating, little do Woman’s Own know but so far this year our central heating has only been on a few times! Maybe we are scrooges!

17 (4Anyway in the spirit of Christmas we continue with our advent activities and kindnesses. Today’s activity was to make silly Christmas hats – may we present Christmas hats that are very silly.Ā 17 (5


Scrooge!!!! ;)

Scrooge!!!! šŸ˜‰

Now our kindness was to go to the park and leave 50p at the top of the slide for the next boy or girl to go and find. However as we are the UK’s biggest scrooges we felt we couldn’t do this……….. only joking in actual fact the day ran away with us and by the time everything was done and Lizzie woke up from her nap it was too dark and rainy to go the park – so we will go tomorrow.


23 thoughts on “17th December

  1. It just shows how journalists slant the story to suit the agenda! Given that the media has been obsessed with frugality in fhese straitened times you should be saints not Scrooges! As im sure you know you can’t win!! Keep up the good work and DLTBGYD XX

  2. When did being money savvy and making the most of your money and no wasting things and food become seen as a bad thing as “miserly” or “scrooge like”. Thats pretty much how all the country lived through most of the early part of last century. Sadly the media and the large corporations/banks seemed to push the idea from the late 70’s onwards that consumerism is all, spend spend, spend even if its all on plastic. Don’t worry about fixing or reusing things just bin it and buy new. Sadly we know exactly where that plan led the country to.

    I am sat here with the kids in bed so the heating is off and I am in jimjams with a jumper and a blanket over my legs. I am not a scrooge I just don’t see why you would waste money that you can use to buy other things or use in other ways on something you don’t have to. Now if I get very cold the heating will have a quick blast, but whilst I am sat like this with my laptop on my knee I am toasty.

    Whether its for ethical, green or lack of income reasons or any combo of these, its about not wanting to waste resources and maximising what you get for your money and spending thoughtfully. A scrooge doesn’t want to spend ever on anything, not even close to being the same thing.

    • Hear, hear! Do you think we sensible people are called Scrooge by the spendthrifts out of sour grapes. My sister always tried to put me down by calling me tight ( there was me, thinking I was being careful) but I’ve been living the life of Riley since retiring and she still has to work, having spent endless money on upgrading her electronics probably 10 times more than I did, for example. (Our microwave is just on 20 years old and still as good as!) I’ve always been proud of being careful and rather sorry for people without those skills. How can it be a good thing to pay more than necessary or to buy something and then throw it away?

  3. Oh very very dear indeed. Could they have got your philosophy any more wrong! Well on the bright side it might make lots more people dip into lovely blog and encourage a few to use their local stores. Keep up the good work and your advent posts and pictures keep making me smile.

  4. Shame your picture is not really readable – although saying that, it sounds like sloppy journalism overall and even makes me a little bit ashamed to have worked for Woman’s Own at one point :p I think your lifestyle is something to aspire to rather than something to be viewed as meanness. We should all be particularly glad that Lizzie is growing up with plenty of creativity and time outdoors instead of being glued to an iPad or smartphone, and that she knows the origin of her food and value of moneysaving rather than thinking meat grows shrinkwrapped on trees. Continue to be proud of your efforts – I am loving your Advent series šŸ™‚

  5. What a terrible article, they couldn’t have got it more wrong.
    Keep up the good work and I love that you a blogging again every day.
    Nice hats too šŸ™‚

  6. Taking saving money to a new extreme ? Not at all, I’d say living a really good life without being sucked into the consumerism that Woman’s Own need to encourage , as without advertisements I doubt they could keep going.
    Take no notice , little Lizzie will thank you for giving her such a lovely life when she is older.

  7. Echoing thoughts above – any women’s own readers who subsequently google you and find this special blog could be entirely confused! And then hopefully converted….
    I think it says a lot about women’s own doesn’t it?! *scathing voice*

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