15th December

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Today we had a lovely visit from Gannie, Poppa and Uncle Hil, Lizzie was thrilled to see them and we had a lovely big lunch before heading off for today’s advent activity!!15 (3

Pudding......... tasty!!!!

Pudding……… tasty!!!!

Today’s activity was to go to a carol service, and it just so happened that there was an advent concert  taking place in Faringdon – happy days (or was it forward planning on Becksie’s part?). So off we went and were treated to some wonderful singing. Unfortunately it was a little too serious for a small person so Ian and Lizzie went on a wet and cold adventure until it was finished. We came home and did a Christmas quiz and got warm by the fire.

Now today’s kindness activity was to research a charity to support in 2014 rather like the Napkin Project and indeed Dress a Girl Around the World which we have got involved with this year. Now we have spent time doing this and so far haven’t come up with the right one yet. So chaps any ideas of wonderful projects / charities we could support?


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  1. How about something to do with foodbanks for people in need or getting one going locally?….food…waste…local…people in need….community spirit!…just an idea but Im sure you will come up with something really worth while whatever you choose to support….xx

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