14th December

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So today has been a very busy day. Now we start with a confession………… today for the first time in over a year we went over our £50 food budget! 14 (7We did a HUGE shop! In fairness it was for three good reasons. Firstly it is Christmas and we are doing a few bits of entertaining over the coming weeks. 14 (8

Part one of this weeks shop - Highworth market / butcher

Part one of this weeks shop – Highworth market / butcher

Secondly we only spent £4.50 on food last week and all week we have been working hard eating weird meals in order to eat up all of our bits and pieces so this shop was a start again type shop. Thirdly we got a few good deals in the butcher and have portioned our meat buys up and are also doing some batch cooking. So our big shop weighed in at £70 but we did get 3 HUGE bits of cheese and as our year has technically ended we aren’t subject to our rules anymore. That said we have a feeling we won’t need much for about 3 weeks. Anyway enough of confessions of non-supermarket shoppers.

14 (2This morning started with a trip to see Father Christmas at the library – Lizzie (and Becksie and Ian) had a great time. Lizzie was delighted with her new book that Father Christmas gave her. 14 (4We went to the lovely Rookery for a spot of lunch, and of course a babyccino for Lizzie and sat and read Lizzie’s new book. It was lovely and very nice to chill out as a little family.

Santa Lizzie

Santa Lizzie

14 (6We then popped off to Millets to get our freezer shopping (don’t panic this shop is included in the £70).

Reduced cream #icecream making

Reduced cream #icecream making

Then on to meet friends at soft play. Then it was finally time for our advent activity which was to buy and decorate the Christmas tree. Ta da!

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14 (13Now our kindness for the day was to donate some money to a good cause. Now this was a hard choice as there are tons of deserving causes out there but we have gone for the Children’s Food Trust. As you may have gathered the food that Lizzie eats is extremely important to Ian and Becksie. We have tried really hard to give her the most nutritious food we can, we know she does eat cake, biscuits and choc choc but where possible these are homemade and are part of a balanced diet. We are ‘if you don’t eat your vegetables you can’t have any pudding’ kind of parents. We also try to include Lizzie in her food decisions for example offering the chance to select her own piece of fruit from the bowl or whether she has peanut butter or marmite on her toast. As a consequence she enjoys a varied selection of foods and seems to be getting a basic grasp of where food comes from. She is also included in food preparation and loves cooking. Unfortunately not all children are as fortunate when it comes to food. The Children’s Food Trust sets out to ‘protect every child’s right to eat better’. Its vision being  ‘That all children have the balanced diet, cooking skills and food education they need for good health and to reach their potential’. This is something we feel strongly about. On Friday Becksie saw something that left her opened mouthed – a small person heading to school with a HUGE bar of chocolate as his breakfast – this made Becksie so sad and so we hope that by donating some money to this charity children like this small chap might get help to take up their right to good food. If you are interested in seeing more about this charity you can click here.

Now today whilst being a good day also holds a little bit of sadness as it would have been Becksie’s nana’s 89th birthday. As you know Becksie misses her dearly – so Happy Birthday Nana 🙂  nana 3


2 thoughts on “14th December

  1. Sounds like youve had a busy day, and I bet your Nana was watching and enjoying it with you.
    As youve said, your £70 shop will last more than a week, so I when you average it out it will come to much less than the weekly ‘allowance’ you set yourselves, so I wouldnt worry about it. It looks like a fabulous haul!
    Your act of kindness was well chosen, I think educating children (and their parents) about food is very important as we are seeing more and more kids who have parents who havent got a clue on how to prepare proper food. In Sheffield it seems quite normal to see small children in prams with packets of crisps and chocolate (or sweets) and a can of pop at any hour of the day. It really annoys me as some ‘proper’ food would have cost much less and been much more beneficial to the child.
    Great going Team Pugh, keep up the good work.
    Btw love the tree

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