13th December

13 (1

Ooooooo Friday the 13th and its been a good day 🙂

Now the activity setter didn’t think today through very well! Today was a work day for Becksie and by the time we looked at the calendar it was a) dark and…… b) raining! So not to be defeatist we went ahead and did our activity which was….. to make and decorate an outside tree. Unfortunately as it was dark and wet our photos are (once again) a little bit below the standard we like to maintain but……. do forgive us in the spirit of Christmas! So here you have it our tree:

13 (5

13 (2Our kindness was to sweep outside the front door and also do the neighbour’s house which we did despite the dark, the rain and the cold! 13 (7

13 (8

13 (9When we came in we had some fun in the living room with Lizzie being allowed to spread angel dust here and there to see it sparkle, we had a lovely time and if you have a small person and some glittery eye shadow we can highly recommend this. P.s. It helps to not be too precious about one’s furniture – embrace the whole ‘HOMELY’ thing.

13 (11And then to top off our day Lizzie had ‘Hot jamjams’! Most excellent.


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  1. ooh!… hot jamjams …what bliss! a perfect end to a busy day….I do admire you for carrying out these tasks in the wind and rain….I might have cheated and swopped it for another task…an indoor one of course!

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