12th December

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Today’s activity was to make a snowman –  if there is no snow make one anyway by thinking outside of the box. So……… here is our snowman:

12 (4

Our kindness was to post Uncle Phil a card 🙂

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Now neither of these need any more explaining so we thought we’d give you a quick supermarket update……….

Have we been?

Of course not they just don’t seem to feature in our lives now.

Hows about the no tele challenge?

So far so good – we are listening to the radio more but we are really getting organised.

Have we been to bed any earlier as a result of the no tele challenge?

Sadly not…….. we are still night owls! Perhaps this is a good New Years’ resolution!


10 thoughts on “12th December

  1. some telly is fantastic, have you been watching ‘Tudor Monastry Farm?’ on wednesday evenings? You learn such a lot about sustainable living. I’d hate to live without telly, but selective watching is maybe a good idea.

  2. well done i attempted marmars willow wreath last night what an effort that was luckily I had one they made earlier and even that started to fall apart so I am having a go with it today and I will make a Christmas pudding as I have brown doors x

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