11th December

11 (1

Our activity today was to………… Make a nativity scene in the living room window. Now this is something Becksie has been excited about doing as……. it allows a good amount of creativity! This post needs no words but merely a series of pictures:11(7( 11(8) 11 (2) 11(6) 11(7) 11(4)

Now the idea for this activity came from Mammar who over the last few years has collected and displayed nativity characters on her mantle piece. They are lovely and have created a HUGE amount of fun for Ian and Becksie who a) move them around b) buy her items to add to it and c ) make comedy scene with jokes such as making one of the wise men bring a cat aka puuurrrr instead of murgh! Tee hee – so today’s act of kindness was to make something nice for Mammar to go in her ‘famous’ nativity scene. So…… we made her this………….11(9)


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