10th December

10 (1

So today’s activity was to make Christmas biscuits. As Lizzie ate her breakfast Becksie decided to do something a tad fancy and so set Lizzie to work with her box of sorting bits. 10 (14Lizzie suitably entertained and rocking a po po (that’s ponytail if you’re wondering) Becksie decided to try her hand at some tuiles! 10 (8

And…… what say Christmas more then chocolate orange? Now tuiles are fancy but are (as Becksie found out) really easy and SOOOOOOO tasty. 10 (17

Preheat the oven to 190c.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper or even better a silicon baking sheet.

Whisk two egg whites until stiff. 10 (10

10 (11

Add 110 grams of caster sugar and whisk until combined and stiff.

10 (5Gradually add 55 grams of melted butter and 55 grams of plain flour.

10 (6

don’t forget to melt it 🙂

10 (9

10 (4

Then fold in some very finely chopped satsuma peel (we used the peel from Lizzie’s satsuma she munched at breakfast time).10 (12

10 (2

Put a teaspoon of mix on the silicon sheet and spread thinly (see picture).10 (13 Then bake for approx 8 minutes until golden. Whilst still hot and bendy roll around a greased rolling pin, cool and slide off. 10 (15

Melt 40 grams of dark chocolate and coat one end of the tuile.

10 (17Bobs your uncle!

The kindness for today was for Ian to do something nice for Becksie, Becksie having done something nice for Ian yesterday. Becksie helpfully pointed out last night that this was the planned act of kindness for today (presumably to give Ian plenty of time to come up with something good)! Now despite racking his (admittedly very tired) brain he could not come up with anything spectacular to do as a kindness so…………..he thought he would do a few small ones.

The morning did not start too well with Becksie having to set her phone/alarm as Ian had left his phone/alarm in the car overnight, as you do. However Ian sprung out of bed (sprung is probably an overstatement) and offered to make Becksie a cup of tea in bed, dashed down the stairs, fed the cats and on his way out fed the chickens  (which is a regular Becksie job) to save her going out in the cold when she got up. All of this was on top of having set the heating to come on in the morning for an hour (for the first time this year) and having got up (after midnight) to deal with a cat/dead rodent situation that was taking place downstairs.10 (18

On the way home from work Ian wrote this and a few more part-blog posts to save Becksie having to do them, and whilst walking home collected a nice winter foliage arrangement for Becksie (flowers are so last season ;)). On getting home Ian resolved to do two more acts, to try not to let the fact he is tired make him grumpy, which it usually does, and to remember to do more of the above every day!


9 thoughts on “10th December

  1. You two are just brilliant! They say little things mean a lot and they so obviously do! By the way I love Lizzie’s sorting box.

  2. Great going you guys, love that you are doing small acts of kindness for each other. So often its the little things that can mean so much, especially at this time of year when we are all so busy. Well done on the tuiles Becksie, they look fab. Loving your December daily blog. :o)

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