9th December

9 (1

Day nine already……… so far so good!

9 (9So first things first – our activity was to make salt dough decorations and bake them. Now salt dough is a wonderful thing, extremely versatile and so easy to make. Now we know we could offer a tutorial on how to make them but its so simple we thought we’d just give the recipe and move on………

9 (8So it’s:

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of flour

Make what you want to then either bake dry in a low oven for a good few hours until hard or……. if you are impatient and want to paint your creations like Team Pugh blast them in the microwave for about three minutes. If after this time they are still wet (you’ll know what we mean if you try it) give them a further 30 seconds at a time until they are dry. Perfect! Needless to say we had a great time and the creations were MARVELOUS (cough cough BESPOKE)! Here we go………9 (6


9 (5

Now the kindness activity was that ‘Becksie must do something kind for Ian’. Now as we’ve blogged about before kindness often costs you and when Lizzie and Becksie opened the calendar this morning Becksie knew what was the kindest act she could currently do for Ian even though it was the last thing she really wanted to do. Now as anyone with experience of looking after small people will know afternoon nap time is extremely precious so……… the last thing Becksie wanted to do was put on her yellies and …………. clean out the chickens!9 (4 Now we know you may be thinking that this isn’t a great kindness to Ian as they are in fact shared chickens but………. Ian is the chicken keeper and it is a job Becksie (has skillfully) got out of. Now cleaning the chickens is usually a weekend job but due to other jobs they didn’t get done. Ian was planning to get up and do them before work tomorrow so…….. this was a kind act! 9 (3Becksie is proud to say she did the chickens and they might not be done to Ian’s normal standard and she might have used too much hay etc but she did it with love!

Now in the excitement of advent we perhaps have gone a little off our normal topic which is very interesting in more ways than one as…… we have got out of our shopping routine. Don’t panic we haven’t been in a supermarket or indeed even gone over budget but for the first time in a year our fridge management (what a weird term but….. we know you’ll get our drift) has gone to pot. This means we have some fridge lurkers that need eating (fast) before they become food waste (we promise not to let them). So tonight’s dinner was a Thai inspired curry with the sole aim of using up bits. We reckon with three or four days of careful eating we will have an empty fridge and then……. we will do a proper shop. Perhaps we need the routine of blogging in order to keep us up to speed. So…….. for the purpose of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s……. this is the shopping we did last week weighing in at only £4.50.9 (10 Right two more days of this game (weird meals) and we’ll be ready to do a good food shop and get back on track. Who knows we might even get round to blogging a recipe or three.

Of course we couldn’t not mention the news of ‘Social Supermarkets’……….. now this seems like a good idea but it also throws up loads of questions. We aren’t really sure what we think yet…… any thoughts folks?


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