7th December

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Today our activity was to take part in #ShopLocalSaturday – go shopping in Faringdon and buy 5 Christmas presents! This we did however……… there is a major flaw in writing about this as a blog post as……. the gifts need to remain secret!

We can however confirm today we not only got our 5 presents but we also: tried out the LOVELY new cm hairdressers and coffee shop in The Rookery and Becksie got a glamorous new hair do and drank tea (after trying the coffee yesterday)! If you are local to Faringdon we can highly recommend it, everyone is very friendly and its such a lovely space.7 (2

7 (3We also today purchased from the sweet shop, the deli, one of the charity shops (Mary, we got you a WONDERFUL piece of tat (quality item) for your birthday) and the cheese shop including a treat of one of Rob’s amazing Chicken and Chorizo pasties.

7 (4Amazing stuff all from our local town! And……. as we went about our day we also carried out our kindness activity which was to smile at everyone we saw.

Happy #ShopLocalSaturday everyone!



10 thoughts on “7th December

  1. What! no picture of the new haircut! How could you leave us dangling on that juicy news. But well done with all your local shopping. Think I’d quite like to live in/near Farringdon!

  2. I did shop local – but only for steaks for Sunday’s lunch! Oh, and fish and chips for our lunch! No time for any browsing though I do get to the lovely shops in Devizes often so can ‘shop local’ any time.

  3. Well I did shop locally all this weekend but only two items were presents . I live in Brighton which has many independent stores especially in The Lanes. Purchases were nice new earrings (Christmas Present for me!!), hair cut at nice local lady’s hair salon (also for me!…there’s a theme here), beautiful meat from local lovely butchers Barfields and veg from grocers opposite (not just for me), Hand made chocolates from lovely ‘Audrey’s’ (present for someone else…….finally!) Oh and Christmas cards from a small independent store in the Lanes.

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