5th December

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Today saw a spot of Daddy daycare, which (as it so often does) involved taking Lizzie to soft play for some climbing, sliding, swinging and general merriment, Lizzie had almost as much fun as Ian did!

After  we had had our fill of slinging ourselves down slides into pits of brightly coloured plastic balls we headed home for a spot of lunch and a little nap (soft play is tiring, especially if you are a big person crawling through obstacles that are supposed to be tricky for little people to fit through).

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Nap time over Lizzie opened her advent calendar to find today’s activity was…………………….Make peppermint creams with Daddy! A quick bit of emergency googling told Ian he needed peppermint essence – check, an egg white – check, icing sugar – hmmm. Ian has a vague recollection of Becksie asking him to buy some icing sugar, and the fact there was none in the pantry was probably the reason why. How can a house run out of icing sugar?

Anyway, Ian considered his options, nip out and buy some, or improvise…………….Ian’s kitchen improvisations never go well, but if at first you don’t succeed………… There was a demo Ian saw somewhere where a man took a stick blender and made regular sugar into icing sugar just by blending it for a few minutes. Now this was a super-fast blender and ours is definitely on it’s last legs, but undeterred Ian gave it a go. the results were not too bad, not as fine as he would like but it could definitely pass for icing sugar – top tip!!!!

If you would like to give them a go the recipe we used was:

1 egg white

400g icing sugar

peppermint essence to taste6th  - 2

Whisk the egg until it forms stiff peaks, then whisk in the icing sugar and essence.

Beat until a stiff paste is formed and then roll out and make into the desired shape – simple!!

The kitchen chaos - note icing on toaster and kettle!

The kitchen chaos – note icing on toaster and kettle!

Lizzie had a great time pulling it apart and making them into sweet shapes, though she ended up one very sticky human!6th  - 4

The kind act for the day was to send text messages to two friends, something Ian is terrible at remembering to do, but two texts (and subsequent replies) have been sent!

The finished article!

The finished article!

Whilst out and about Ian also had a supermarket based dilemma. having arrived at soft play half an hour before it opened  he decided to pop and do a bit of shopping and post a parcel he had with him. He tracked down the post office only to find that it was in fact at the back of a supermarket – now our year is up he could have gone in, not bought anything and used the Post Office……………but decided not to, we have still not set foot in a supermarket and this did not seem like a good enough reason to do so. The parcel came back with us and we nipped into Faringdon to post it, although it seemed that everyone else in Faringdon and a busload of tourists all decided to visit the Post Office about 30 seconds before we arrived, making it far from the quick task we expected, still a few minutes waiting is not too much of a price to pay for staying supermarket free!!


6 thoughts on “5th December

  1. Impressed with Ian making icing sugar, it would have been so easy to just “pop” to the shop and buy some. You can add a drop or two of green colouring too, to make nice green peppermints! Well done Ian, also I’m impressed that you take Lizzie to soft play all the ones I’ve been to are so noisy you can’t hear yourself think! So enjoying your Advent adventures.

  2. Well done Ian, on all the days activities. I saw Lorraine Pascall make these a few years ago and she half dipped them in melted dark chocolate, I dont think they would last long enough in our house. :o)

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