2nd December

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So…… here we are on day 2 of our advent calendar and it involves the great outdoors! 2 (2Today we must don our ‘yellies’ and go on a greenery hunt to make a wreath! 2 (1Now Lizzie loves the great outdoors and was delighted by the sound of ‘yellies on’. Becksie must admit while she likes to go outside today she wasn’t leaping from the door whooping but…..yellies on and we had a lovely time. Now our mission was to ‘go on a walk and collect greenery to make a door wreath’ but about 3 minutes into our walk an idea struck us. 2 (5Our plan was to collect our bits and pieces and then go into Faringdon and purchase an oasis wreath as we did last year but…… a cunning plan was formed to go a bit blue peter (well actually to do it a) alternative and b) to not spend any money).2 (4

Jessica joined us for our walk much to Lizzie (and Becksie's) delight

Jessica joined us for our walk much to Lizzie (and Becksie’s) delight

So we collected our items and had a lovely walk. Now our act of kindness for the day was to ‘pick up five pieces of litter each’ so……. Lizzie and Becksie decided to pick up 15 as a way of also helping daddy who was of course busy at work.

Our bag of litter - it makes us very sad that people think its ok to drop it :(

Our bag of litter – it makes us very sad that people think its ok to drop it 😦

We returned home had a snack and a cup of tea and a craft discussion and then spread an old carrier bag on the table and got out the good old PVA glue!2 (14

So here it is our alternative, free, Christmas door wreath. it’s by no means perfect and we have no idea as to whether it will last until the big day but….. like our year without supermarkets we concluded it was the joy of doing it that was actually better (and more fulfilling) than the end result. Just in case you fancy having a go here is a quick tutorial on how!

2 (8

2 (9

Cut out a wreath shape in a heavy cardboard. Pierce a hole in the top and secure something to hang it by.

2 (10Cover it in PVA glue and stick on the leaves, building them up in layers and covering them with lots of glue. Cut out felt letters with the message of your choice and PVA them on.2 (11

Then the fun part – liberally apply the old glitter. Hang up to dry. Be warned it does drip so a bit of paper underneath is a good plan.2 (12

When ours is dry we will hang it on the front door in the hope to spread a bit of homemade Christmas cheer – photos to follow.

drip drying :)

drip drying 🙂


14 thoughts on “2nd December

  1. I love it..you must have had soooo much fun together…priceless memories again!….and I want some stripy “yellies” like Lizzie’s!!!..ps as we speak William cat has just demolished my Christmas tree which is decorated with peacock feathers …Im not sure who is winning but very funny to watch…..fake snow and long haired cat is not a good look!

  2. My hubby has just spent a morning making our home made wreath from foraged items. He used a couple of pieces of that whippy thin type “dogwood” as he calls it, wrapped around and tied into a circle with various bits of holly/pine trees/small twigs tied on. No berries on the holly so a couple of twigs with end of season rosehips on for colour, then a couple of baubles and a bow added at the end-all from the christmas box so free yay. Nice to see others doing a make your own wreath I was begining to think we were the only ones lol.

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