1st December

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Hello and welcome to the first of our advent blogs. Firstly may we say it feels very strange to be back to full time blogging and we are….. feeling a little scared as to our ability to pull it off. So here’s the idea, the calendar Becksie made Lizzie last year has been filled with daily activities and acts of kindness that we shall be doing. The blogs aim to show our countdown to Christmas and are our attempt to make sure that during what can be a stressful time we a) do things as a family and b) do kind things for each other and those around us. It’s our effort to keep Christmas real and not just about tinsel and reindeers.

Christmas is of course a lovely time of year but it can also be hard work, stressful and for some sad and lonely so we hope this mini series of blog will help you to enjoy the run up to Christmas and hopefully provide a little bit of joy, humor and fun.

1 (2So without further a do we give you……… 1st December!

Today’s activity was:

Activity: Have Hot Chocolate (with Marshmallows) by the fire.

We know this is a) easy b) something everyone does in this kind of calendar but…… we wanted to ease in gently and……… we love hot chocolate. Making the hot chocolate was fun, it tasted delicious and its so lovely just to stop, lock the world away and drink hot ‘choc choc’ as a little family. The recipe we used was a mix and match of a few recipes we have trialed before but in case you fancy giving it a go here it is:

We heated about a pint of milk over a medium heat.

1 (4)In a bowl mix 1 tablespoon of icing sugar, 2 1/2 tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder, 50 grams of really good quality dark chocolate, a pinch of salt and a pinch of cinnamon.1 (3)

When the milk is hot add the mixture and whisk over a low heat. The chocolate will go thick and creamy.

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1 (5)Then the fun begins you can top with squirty cream and marshmallows, crushed up cookies, orange zest etc etc etc. Make your creation, sit by the fire and enjoy!

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Our first Kindness activity was to ‘Call someone we haven’t called for a while to say Hi and have a chat’. We decided to call Becksie’s lovely Aunty Anne. Aunty Anne used to look after Becksie and Narna when they were small people and Becksie has LOTS of fond memories of Aunty Anne, unfortunately Aunty Anne was out so…….. we left a message and will call her again tomorrow 🙂

A rather pregnant looking Becksie with Aunty Anne

A rather pregnant looking Becksie with Aunty Anne


12 thoughts on “1st December

  1. YAY!! Advent blogs! My housemate and I baked a batch of ginger cookies yesterday , and had tons of fun icing and decorating them. We’ve hung them like bunting on a string in our living room and are eating one every day – that’s our advent calendar! Shamelessly stolen from BBC good food but hey. (won’t mention the dripping icing on the back of our sofa after we were over-eager about the setting time…)
    I might also adopt the good deed approach – very Christmassy 🙂

    • It was uber tasty – lizzie was asking for it again today and I had to explain it was a special treat whilst actually really secretly wanting to just make more te hee

  2. I love that hot choc recipe! I’ll definitely give that a go. Really looking forward to reading your advent blogs too!

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