supporting-sls-thumb1The 7th December is a very very special day! It’s a Saturday, it’s festive and…… it’s #ShopLocalSaturday! What’s that we hear you cry……well…..it’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Its a special day (namely a Saturday) where nationwide people will be trying to shop locally! What a great idea – Team Pugh love local shopping and Saturdays so it would seem that #ShopLocalSaturday is right up our high-street!

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As you know we are going to be doing a daily advent blog and of course they will be a surprise but…..we wanted to give you advance warning of our challenge / activity for 7th so……. you could join in too! On #ShopLocalSaturday we pledge to try to buy 5 Christmas gifts from the local shops in our lovely little home town Faringdon (apparently one of the top ten towns in the UK to bring up small people – result)! So….. fancy joining us? Please do, after all if we don’t use them we’ll lose them and in our experience local shopping saves us money. We know for some folk its not possible etc etc but if it is and you’d like to try and do what we’re doing we’d be mighty pleased!

Here is a link to the #ShopLocalSaturday website and twitter account. You can even print off these fun posters and get people to pose for silly photos! We’re thinking this could be a bit of fun to get our local shop keepers in a good mood!supporting-sls-thumb1

In other news here is this week’s non-supermarket shopping, a total of £35.70! Included in that were some bits and pieces from the deli and some meat but……we forgot to photograph it and were too lazy to get it back out of the cupboards again but it was some beautiful wild rice, 2 blocks of butter (we have bakes to make for WI) and some yogurt covered nuts! Yummy!shopping 4

shopping 3


shopping 2

shopping 1Oh and…… hows the no TV challenge going? Easy so far although it hasn’t made us go to bed any earlier.




12 thoughts on “#ShopLocalSaturday

  1. Shop Local Saturday is being widely advertised in Sheffield as well, I shall be giving it a go (weve got lots of charity shops locally so am hoping to snaffle some bargins.
    BTW, am curious to know, have you been in a Supermarket yet? Would love to hear your thoughts on how you view them after having experienced the last year without them.
    Looking forward to your advent posts. :o) x

    • Fab to hear Shop Local Saturday is being shouted about – it’s an AWESOME idea 🙂
      We are still supermarket free, its really weird I feel like I just can’t go in one – almost like the magic would be broken

  2. yes I intend to do that Saturday there is a craft sale at bibury football club between 10 and12 noon that day so I will get some home made Christmas bits there x

  3. Hadn’t heard of it but will promote it in Avebury!! Does buying a Christmas tree in Burbage to support the local church count? It’s not really local but a good cause so I hope it counts (I think our RDA group will get some of the funds raised so I have an ulterior motive!)

  4. Bearwood Handmade is on 7 December at St Mary’s Church, Bearwood, Smethwick. I hear Bearwood Pantry will be selling bread and soup too. Could you shop more local? I don’t think so. Local people making and baking. What is not to love?

  5. Great idea – I shall definitely be doing this next Saturday. The insanity of last week’s so called ‘Black Friday’ (thank you to the big stores for bringing that distasteful shopping event to our calendars?), should, once again, confirm that using local shops is the way forward. Oh and does going to my local hairdressers next Saturday count too!!!

  6. A free parking day tomorrow in all of the New Forest District Council car parks, to support Shop Local Only problem is it’s market day in Lymington & car parks are like y to be jam-packed.

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