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We hope today finds everybody well. Today finds Team Pugh on the verge of a couple of little mini challenges…………..!

wrapping 8A few posts ago we asked for ideas for new challenges and we were lucky to get several suggestions. Our most lovely email was from a lovely reader called  Frances. Now Frances made a couple of suggestions and after careful thought we have decided to attempt her second suggestion. Now this challenge isn’t something we’ll find all that hard as its not something we do that much anyway but…… none the less it is a good challenge that taking part in will enrich our lives.

Here is the challenge as proposed to us in her email:

‘No TV for a month (I am currently trying this one although clearly the internet is not in that suggestion but I have forced limits on my time wasting on it).  Personally I don’t watch much but do get a bit tied to the tv/internet catching up on endless ‘must see’ series etc to the point of not doing anything else!  I work long hours and think I don’t have any free time when in reality I have found that’s rubbish.  I sat and worked out my times spent on laptop/tv and realised I could have learnt a language/musical instrument/ conquered the world blah blah, etc etc in the time I waste, so I am forcing a limit to it all to stop my lazy self completely taking over making me feel like I do nothing but work and slump in the chair.  It’s early days, but amazing how much I have got done, not to mention the fact that I was always exhausted at work and suddenly awake all day due to….going to bed earlier!’

Now at first we thought actually this will be easy for us as we don’t watch that much TV and the last sentence of the above quote struck a cord with us! We must say that when we were blogging daily we did in actual fact watch less television than we have watch over the last few weeks and whilst a hard challenge it was a good discipline to have. So we have decided to start tomorrow and do a month to the day which conveniently means come Christmas Day we will be allowed to enjoy some festive television.christmas prep

Are we worried? What will we miss? Well……. the answer is no we are excited as in order to keep ourselves busy we have lots of exciting plans, will we miss anything? We really don’t think it will be anything we can’t live without. Lizzie might be slightly sad at the thought of no Peppa Pig but….. we promise to keep her busy with more exciting and lovely things. Thank you so much for your suggestion Frances we hope you don’t mind us quoting your lovely email. Whilst we are not saying TV is bad we are thinking of all the things we could achieve if we stopped ourselves sitting with The Time Vulture on the run up to Christmas. Anyone else fancy joining us?

And…… the second of our mini challenges………

wi 8Well you may remember last year Becksie made Lizzie an advent calendar? Well this year we are filling it with daily fun activities and kindness missions and we thought that we should share them with you in a daily blog marking advent. So join us from 1st December for our advent blogs, you can also join in with the activities and challenges on the run up to the festive season. How very exciting :).

wi 7

One more thing……. here is last weeks shopping which came from Millets farm and weighed in at £27.70p!becka 2


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  1. This is a good challenge, when our children were 8 and 10 ish we did this for over six months and we did so much more as a family.We played loads of board games and did lots of crafting, And my children rediscovered a love of reading. We only gave in because it was Xmas and saw there were lots of good things coming on! Think you might find it hard to remember you’re doing it to go to bed earlier though!
    Love the idea of the Advent calendar, I hate the chocolate ones! It’s not what Advent is about!

  2. Great ideas there! Looking forward to hearing all about them both over the next month 🙂

    Meat must be so cheap from your local retailers…we bought a standard 1.5kg chicken today (from our local butchers) and it was €18 😮 You are lucky! 🙂

  3. well will we get longer blogs now you will have all that extra time not goggleboxing well done on this weeks food shop I must tell you tho I did mine for twenty two pounds this week I am chuffed hope your feeling better x

  4. That is a good idea but don’t miss Wednesday’s Tudor Monastry Farm. I’m totally hooked and love how they find things out, like how to make a cool dairy without electricity and why the tiles weren’t glazed (cos on hot days you tip water over them and it evaporates and cools the air!)

  5. Becksie your Advent Calendar is lovely, ever thought of producing it in a kit form with the fabric and instructions? I bought a Christmas stocking one from a lady on line ( saw it on Kirstie). You could price it to make you a profit and you maybe have scraps from the dress project. Just an idea as you have so many contacts now. It is perhaps a bit late this year, however….just a thought for next year. Good luck with the tele abstinence!

  6. I’ve thought, sometimes, of giving up t.v. but it’s not an option in this house. I feel that it’s a good servant and a bad master, like a lot of other things, so I’m quite picky about what I have on. (Tudor Monastery Farm- yea!) For some people, it fulfils a function of having a visual link into the world but, still, a Chronophage. ( hee, hee. Link to the one in Cambridge.) good luck! Looking forward to seeing your crafts.

  7. Frances’ suggestion struck a chord with me too! Not so much telly watching but time wasting on the internet! I can’t give that up completely due Parish Council and RDA secretaryship but will try harder not to waste so much time on the computer. Byeee!

  8. We had no TV at our last house for a year and a half, and it was lush. When we moved, I wanted a cat (he didn’t) and he wanted a TV (I didn’t) so….we got both!! And for info he just LOVES the cat, whilst I’d still very happily throw the TV out of the window into the path of an oncoming steamroller. I don’t watch it and he doen’t watch it overly much, although I must confess to being a radio addict. At least I can get the tea cooking or the washing up done at the same time with the BBC chattering away in the background! Best of luck! You’ll love it.

  9. Great challenge. We freegled our TV when renovating our house and didn’t get a new one for 18 months. It was a huge revelation. We were both of the “oh we hardly watch any TV anyway” mindset. But not having one to watch freed up so much time. It is amazing how many much more interesting things you can do when there is no TV to fall back on. It was fantastic. We did eventually buy one because we were having a big family Xmas over several days and thought we shouldn’t deprive everyone else, but it is in a separate room so we have to make the effort/decision to go and watch it and we now watch it 2 or 3 evenings a week. Enjoy your new challenge. X

  10. Yay! So glad you liked the no TV suggestion and I look forward to seeing how you get on. I will be doing the same through to Christmas Day. Advent calendar excellent challenge too.

  11. We haven’t got TV so this would be a no brainer for us. I mean – want to know what happened on X factor/I’m a celeb/strictly? Turn on Facebook/twitter minutes after it finished and it’ll be full of “can’t believe that SHE was voted out” etc.

    The kiddies are allowed a small amount of time on YouTube every day. So baby D gets his fill of Peppa pig while little lady is into Curious George at the moment.

    Since we sent our licence back we have spent more time as a family actually doing things. We play games, make things, bake things, DIY, I could go on…….now if only I could give up the internet just as easily 😉

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