One of Those Days!

Have you ever had one of those days where everything turns to dog do do? Becksie has…….

dog do 3

A very grown up looking Lizzie complete with daddy’s tie!

You see today Becksie fully intended to make something delicious and blog the recipe (its been a while since we blogged a recipe :(). However, Becksie woke up feeling pretty rotten and full of cold! We had plans today that we couldn’t change so despite feeling pants off we went and did what we had to do. Now we needed to be back for one pm as a person was coming from a company to do something in our house (you’ll see why we are being vague in a moment). Now as is often the way with such things and companies we didn’t have an exact appointment time more a time slot (we could write a whole post on how annoying this is but we know you all already know and feel our pain)!

update 4Becksie and Lizzie arrived home, unloaded the car and Becksie made lunch! Lizzie was poised in the highchair and the phone rang. Said person was ……… lost on the way to our ‘flat’! As you may know we don’t own a flat so we carefully and patiently explained and directed this kind gentleman to our humble yet CLEAN abode!

Just as Becksie was placing Lizzie’s plate on the table there was a knock on the door – it was the man! In he came complete with his muddy boots. Oh well thought Becksie, it’s only mud. So he went from room to room doing what he had to do. Becksie followed him and his muddy boots and despite feeling rotten politely remained calm.

Our house looking clean

Our house looking clean

After a discussion about why the house was listed as a flat and Becksie explaining it was obviously a house as, after all he had just been up the stairs (muddy boots and all).

Evidence that this is a house and not a flat (you silly man)

Evidence that this is a house and not a flat (you silly man)

The man left and Becksie discovered that……..the mud was in fact dog poo!

Not the offending dog poo provider just an example of dog kind!

Not the offending dog poo provider just an example of dog kind!

That’s right folks this silly little man (he was actually about 6’4 and he had to bend considerably whilst in our ‘flat’) had got dog poo in EVERY room of our house! Becksie did the only thing she could do and called Ian and burst into tears! Ian was very supportive and came up with a cleaning plan. Becksie got started and Granny called and heard Becksie’s tale of horror (and was also very supportive and reminded Becksie to avoid using wet wipes in order to avoid sofa gate mark two). After this conversation Becksie carried on cleaning and was feeling so sorry for herself she did the only other thing she could do at this time and …. emailed said company with a rant!

A much needed cup of tea and tasty treat

A much needed cup of tea and tasty treat

After cleaning Becksie put her PJ’s on, lit the fire and ate some of the lovely brownie Jenny made her the other day. Phew!

So folks apologies for the lack of lovely recipes but instead we will share the email rant the ‘fouling’ (hehe) company got sent! We may also have included a photo of the carpets in the email but we won’t make you see it! We hope this story brings a smile to your face, Becksie is just about starting to see the funny side! We hope you have had a better day than 2/3rds of Team Pugh! We promise when Becksie feels better to blog some recipes.

And now…. The email:

A suggestion!!!

I have just had one of your ………, around to my house for a ………….! Although he was very nice he has of course walked through my whole house (including my toddlers rug and a sheep skin rug in my room) with what I thought was muddy shoes – it turns out it was in fact dog poo! Whilst I appreciate accidents happen may I suggest you encourage your ………….. to remove their shoes in people’s houses. I am now facing an afternoon cleaning my carpets whilst trying to ensure my toddler doesn’t come into contact with any poo – no easy or pleasant task!

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Pugh


12 thoughts on “One of Those Days!

  1. Oh dear it was Pugh, poo,phew and Pugh. Great blog, miss it daily but love it when one comes in.
    I had a funny this eve. Had to re-arrange the freezer so took picnic table to stand frozen items on. Tried to assemble said table in gap between house and shed. Moved away from shed, nearly got table up then leaned back on shed to finish. On way to floor remembered that I had moved away from shed! Lay on floor with picnic table on top of me. Oh oh

  2. Please share the reply, if you get one. On the whole I find that most workmen who come to our house (definitely not a flat!) religiously take their shoes/boots off at the door.

  3. Oh dear! The yuk of dog poo. Hope you get constructive response from company including a huge apology. They are lucky you haven’t named them ….. yet! Hope the brownie helped.

  4. What an absolute numpty!! As if you would walk around someone’s house clearly stomping mud into carpets – let ALONE dog poo!! you should have locked him in, confiscated his shoes and kept him in captivity until he had thoroughly restored the cleanliness of your carpets.
    Dog poo’s bad enough outside and then on shoes but on carpet – URGH! I would have burst into tears too!

    Quite jealous of the brownie though, so I hope that made up for it.

    And I second Paul’s point – miss dreadfully your daily blog but it makes the less regular ones all the more special and lovely!

    • I love love love the idea of locking him in and giving him a mop hehehe – silly man indeed. Bless you re the regular blogs – watch this space for 25 days of advent blogging 🙂

  5. Oh Beks , what a rotten day! Hope you get an apology from the person concerned. If he turns up in cleaning gear that would be interesting! Put out a sign saying “Leave all muddy boots outside ,Please”

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