Delia For Dinner

delia 2There are few things that would strike terror into any home cook’s heart like a visit from Delia for dinner! Is the cabbage seasoned well enough? Is the chicken skin crispy enough? Is there enough food? Is it hot enough etc etc? The list of stresses and potential for errors is vast! Just imagine it…….! And then imagine that the person who’s opinion and approval counted more than Delia’s was actually coming for dinner! Well this isn’t just make believe…….delia 3Today Aunty Janet and Uncle Keith is came for lunch!!!! Eekkk double, triple eeek!

delia 4

Well the good news is Becksie pulled it off and we had a lovely time. Roast chicken, with Poppa’s potatoes (we used polenta instead of semolina), brussels, cauliflower, honey and thyme carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, leeks and gravy. All washed down with a homemade date and fig sticky toffee pudding!

delia 1PHEW!


10 thoughts on “Delia For Dinner

  1. I am of the Delia generation, while Becksie is of the Jamie school . We all continue learning through life from many cooks and chefs. Becksie’s dinner was fantastic. Well cooked, seasoned to perfection, Roast potatoes that were crunchy and yummy.
    Veggies that were cooked to perfection and lots of tasty gravy. The most yummy fig and syrup baked pudding (recipe please).
    A dinner to savour. Becksie is a great cook, and it was a joy to be with them. Hope you were not too stressed out!

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