The End

So thats it we’ve done it, we’ve lived for a year without supermarkets. What a wonderful journey! What a lot we’ve learned, how much we’ve changed!

Shopping 352 shopping trips (our final shop was a few bananas and raspberries from Wantage market – total spend £3.00).

shopping update 1A saving of £895.23 (not to mention any money we’ve saved by stopping top up shops).

Some exciting media attention.

Some new friends made.

c cake 1Lots of tasty recipes tried.

Not a single supermarket entered.

recipe page front

Its been a blast! Of course in our cast and crew posts we didn’t mention all of you, our lovely readers. Thank you for taking up some of your time to read our ramblings, our recipes, our frustrations, our over emotional posts etc etc. Thank you for all of your comments and support and of course votes. It means a HUGE amount. We are often shocked that people have read about our journey as if we’re honest we thought we’d be mainly writing for our family and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shopping! 2So……… £895 in hand we stand at the end of our journey, as our sat nav would say ‘you have reached your destination’. looking back 19Only problem is we have learnt that its actually about the journey and not the destination! So we must go on a new journey but right now we are not sure what form this will take. We of course plan to spend the money we’ve saved on something more exciting than the gas bill – we aren’t yet sure but what ever it is we promise to eat some tasty things along the way.

shopping week 9 (1)Will we go back to the supermarkets? We guess this is the 64 million dollar question! Well we are not going to say never (except to the ‘new Faringdon Tesco‘ which ironically opens in a few days) but on the whole we plan to remain very much local shoppers. Having completed the challenge  we think for us a supermarket trip will be a very very rare occasion if the need ever arises. However, fruit, veg, meat and bread are items we won’t buy from a supermarket as we have met the best bunch of suppliers.

shopping week 16 (4)Will we continue to blog? Well not daily thats for sure. Blogging everyday has been harder than going supermarket free  but that also ironically seems like the greater achievement. There have been some days where producing a post has been an uphill struggle through golden syrup but there have been other days  when the posts have pretty much written themselves and been a pleasure, these are the days we want to continue to blog. We make NO promise as to frequency but we do have a feeling it won’t be completely silent, but again we make no promises as it depends where our journey takes us next.

shopping week 10

lizzie 1We will get this entire blog (comments and all) printed even if it costs about £850  or more as this blog really belongs to our darling daughter Lizzie. It is her record of a very special year we have spent. We hope when shes 90 and we are long gone she will enjoy feeling young again and seeing what we ate for tea on a wet Thursday in February. 90 year old Lizzie we want you to know how much we love you and how you made all this possible.wool 8

So that’s it so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu from our year without supermarkets. Its been a blast. For now we rest but watch this space for possible new journeys and adventures – as Safeway said when morphing into Morrisons ‘enjoy the change’.

Over and Out!

Team Pugh x Team Pugh


69 thoughts on “The End

  1. That sounds so final family Pugh. Have a rest from us readers (very deserved I might add) then please come back and write some more for us! And some more photos of the adorable Miss Lizzie, her cooking and animal keeping. I have looked forward to the little ding of my iPad telling me your blog is up every day. You introduced me too to The Napkin challenge which I so enjoyed joining with, as did my friends I passed on the details to. THANK YOU Ian, Becksie and Lizzie for sharing your year with us. Oh and I’ll miss all those !!!! too! Big hugs!

    • Hehe – indeed it does sound quite final – we promise to blog some more but at the time of writing needed a rest 🙂 Thank you so much for ALL of your support it has been lovely getting to know you through comments etc. Big hugs back…. stay tuned 🙂

  2. Its been wonderful sharing your journey (and watching Lizzie grow throughout the year),whatever you turn you hands to for your next challenge will be a sucess as you have shown youve got the passion and determination to grab life by the horns and give it a good shake up. Ive loved getting to know you through your blog (and was happy to be able to be a winner of the ‘name the chickens competition’. ;o). I know that there are many more good things to come your way and look forward to hearing about them from time to time.
    Sending lots of love and good wishes your way to you all.
    Kiwijo x

    • Thank you so much Jo – its been a pleasure to get to know you also. Thank you for ALL of your support it really has meant a lot to us. Lots of love xx

  3. What a fab year!! I’m so glad I found you, even if halfway through. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and learnt so much. We bought one of those snazzy lolly makers you had too and it’s fab!! No nasty additives either!
    I think its a lovely legacy for lizzie. Hopefully one of the journalists that were interested will write it up for more people to read. Thanks for everything, especially that website about making dresses for people without, we’ll do some for them.
    Take care, lynne x

    • Thank you so much for being such a loyal reader 🙂 Perhaps when I’m your way one day we could meet for a cup of tea? Thank you for ALL your support, much love xx

  4. Congratulations Team Pugh! What an achievement and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Inspirational! Lin

  5. Congratulations to you TeamPugh. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey “Without Supermarkets” with you. We have looked forward daily to your blogs…to watching Lizzie grow and learn…to reading all the recipes and ideas…to meeting your friends and seeing the family. We thank you.

  6. A publishing deal perhaps? I am so proud of you vowing not to go to the new Tesco too. I would struggle to do what you where I live but you have made me really think about what I buy and look at the supplies in the house when planning meals. I hope to still be able to read about the journey you are still on.

    • Hehe – that would be awesome but not sure people would want to buy a book about us 🙂 Thank you re Tesco it seems hugely important to not ever go after getting to know our local food suppliers. Thank you so much for reading and ALL of your support, we promise to blog soon. Lots of love xx

  7. Well done Team Pugh! Its been lovely getting to know you all, and I’ve really enjoyed you sharing your shopping, recipes and gorgeous photos of Lizzies first year. I will miss catching up with you guys every day – but hope you’ll be luxuriating in your blog break. I’ll be on the look out for your next instalment. X

    • Thank you its also been a pleasure getting to know you a little 🙂 We are enjoying a rest but we will be back 🙂 Thank you for supporting us it means a lot. Lots of love xxx

  8. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been amazing, inspiring, amusing, dedicated, and generally lovely. What a journey-well done 🙂

    • Thank you Thank You Thank you – its been emotional (now resting and enjoying the blog pressure being off). Thank you for all your support and countless emails, tweets etc of support. Much love xxxxxxxx

  9. What a truly amazing year! I found myself feeling quite sad that I will no longer get your blog every day but I do have the privilege of knowing you and being able to keep up with how you’re getting on through Jenny and Miss D! And I hope I will see you from time to time too!

    Well done for sticking with it, you’ve made me think more about where I shop (and I have no excuse for trying to avoid supermarkets more as I don’t have a small person to deal with!) and I will try and support my local shops more.

    Enjoy your well earned break but do come back and blog occasionally xxxx

    • Thank you so much for all of your support, you have been a truly lovely loyal supporter and we are so pleased to hear we have made an impact on your shopping. Hope to see you very soon lots of love xxx

  10. Have absolutely loved your blog (discovered it last December) and will really miss the daily updates. Enjoy the rest and I would echo Hilary’s comments above. You’ve been an inspiration so please please return and inspire us some more when you are ready. Thank you.

  11. I have so enjoyed your blogs. I hope you will continue to include us in your lives. You can be so proud of your achievements especially with a little one to cope with. Lizzie is so adorable and always looks so very contented. I do as you know work and for 19 years have worked for a very upmarket supermarket with a dept store attachment which I’m very proud to be a “partner” in. But I agree with your principles . But I can also see both sides of the coin. Best wishes and keep us posted! Xxx

    • Thank you so much for your support 🙂 We can also see the value of supermarkets (although we haven’t been back yet) but it sure has been an amazing journey. Lots of love xxxx

    • Thank you – we are truly honoured that others have embarked on this amazing journey because of reading our ramblings – this means a HUGE HUGE amount. Lots of love xxx keep up the good work

  12. Well done on a fantastic achievement. Lizzie’s Poppa and I are very proud of you both. We have enjoyed reading all about this challenge and shall miss the blog but are looking forward to seeing what the next challenge will be.

    • Thank you 🙂 It has been an amazing year and we hope the printed version will become a treasured Pugh family heirloom Lizzie can pass on to her children xxx

  13. Daisy’s Grandma’s friend ! Thank you so much Team Pugh for a wonderful idea and the amazing journey that has followed. You have been thought provoking and inspirational . Your blog has certainly made me think HARD about how and why I WAS shopping in the way I WAS . I stress the WAS as , as a direct result of your blog, I have taken a long hard look at my shopping habits and not liked what I have seen ! So, I am now far more of a local shopper and have become a “regular” at the bakers, butchers, fruit and veg shop and the local market . I am not quite able to go completely supermarket free yet but I am working on it !

    • Wow – this is so heart warming to hear – it amazes us that people have changed because of our journey – thank you so so much for supporting, lots of love xx

  14. Well done on completing your year. I have really enjoyed your blog and many of your recipes are favourites in our house, so thank you 🙂 Lots of luck on your new adventure what ever it may be.
    Rebecca xx

  15. Have so enjoyed your blog so take a well deserved rest but don’t leave us bereft of news of your exploits
    for too long. I’ve taken part in some lovely things because of you including The Napkin Project and Dress A Girl Around the World. Thanks for the inspiration and may you prosper in all the right ways. Well done!

  16. Thank you Team Pugh for sharing the past year with us. What an inspiration you have been and I have enjoyed your recipes and ideas and what a pleasure it is to watch Lizzie helping in the kitchen, start them young. I will so miss reading your blog every day and following your family life including the chickens. Congratulations on a blog well done and may you all live a very happy and healthy life.

  17. Ohhhhhh, booooooo, last post already?!!?
    Huge congratulations on doing what you set out to do. Congratulations also on the huge impact you’ve had on your readers – I don’t think any one of us has not been touched by your principles and you have made us all consider the value of food and how privileged we are to have such a plentiful supply.
    My shopping and cooking habits have changed and my shopping habits are due an even bigger change any time now. I’m so impressed by your attitudes and so happy to have shared in your life for the last 6-8 months (wohoo!! That means I’ve got old un-read blogs to catch up with – hooray!). xx
    And I’m not going to lie – I’m SO sad you’re stopping the daily blog!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.
    Can’t wait for the occasional blog to keep me going. We heart Team Pugh! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you another lovely lovely comment – its the ultimate compliment that as a result of our little blog people have changed – thank you for sharing our journey we promise to blog again soon. Lots of love xx

  18. Many congratulations on an amazing achievement. Your blog has been an inspiration and I’ll definitely miss reading the daily posts. I’ve loved looking at your shopping, marvelling at your ability to not enter a supermarket and reading your recipes. Do post from time to time and let us know how you all are.

  19. I do wish I’d found you from the beginning, but I’ve loved the blog and following your adventure. You have inspired me to try harder and avoid the big boys – there’s certainly a grocer in Cirencester doing very well on it! An occasional update would be fab 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your year with us, your posts have been so inspiring, good luck for the future x

  21. I am realy going to miss your daily update. Have a nice rest but please come back and write a few more sometime,

  22. I too will really miss you and your posts . It’s been lovely to watch your baby become a toddler so vividly. I have tried some of your recipes, been inspired by your gardening, had my love of sewing reignited and completely changed the way I shop . I don’t think anyone has had such an effect on me since I was a little girl !!

    • Angela I think this is the most lovely comment we have received on our year – such a lovely thing to say which means a lot. Its been an amazing year and we are always amazed and touched when people say they have been touched by our journey. Thank you so much for reading it really means a HUGE amount. We promise to blog some more – lots of love Team Pugh xxxxxx

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