The Future

future 8So as we approach the end of our year we are becoming a bit de-mob happy, and we have struggled for what  to write about today, we thought about our favourite posts, our most popular post and what Lizzie might have thought about our year (although let’s be honest we would only be guessing), but in the end we started thinking about what Lizzie’s world will be like when she starts buying her own food.

future 6In 17 or so years time (2030 – eek!), what will have happened in the food world? If we both think back 17 years we can remember our parents using a mix of supermarkets, local shops and grow your own, but it seems there were more local shops and far fewer supermarkets.

future 7Although we are sure the next 17 years will go by in a flash who knows what will have happened…..due to population increases and food shortages will food rationing be back in place? Could this help make people healthier, and eat better food? What affect would this have on supermarkets and food manufacturers, and their workers’ jobs?

future 9Perhaps there will be a serious food shortage, perhaps rising fuel costs will make importing food unsustainable, who knows things may go full circle with a resurgence of local shops and a total failure of the supermarket model, with food only available on a small local scale and large-scale buying, selling and distribution impossible.future 5

Maybe supermarkets will continue to drive down food costs and kill off all local shops, perhaps one (every) little (helps) supermarket will monopolise the market, perhaps 90 percent of farmland will become overrun with housing developments and all food will be grown in laboratories, maybe a company called The Soylent Corporation will churn out green meals in the form of biscuits from an unidentified source.

future 4

Maybe nothing all that much will change, maybe we will all get tired of online shopping and go back to enjoying actually choosing the food we buy, maybe good value will become more about quality than low cost.future 2

And what will Lizzie do when it comes to her first food shop when she heads out on her own in the world, will she take a trip to the local shops that she can find or in an act of rebellion head to her nearest supermarche and spend all of her hard earned pennies there, perhaps she will have even earned some of those pennies in a Saturday job at a supermarket, who knows! Also how much is a pint of milk going to cost her?

future 3

We could make wild guesses at all of the points above, but they would just be stabs in the dark, however the world changes in the next 17 years though we are sure we will be very proud of Lizzie however and wherever she does her first ‘big shop’!


3 thoughts on “The Future

  1. As you’ve set her such a good example, and no doubt will keep doing so I’m sure Lizzie will be a very sensible shopper in years to come.

  2. Definitely “food” for thought…lets hope common sense rules out and people take a long hard look at the quality of the food they are consuming ,remembering that it is Lizzie’s and future generations that will pay the price if we get it wrong. I think Team Pugh have done an immensely good job of highlighting alternative ways of food consumption and made many of us stop and think about what we eat and where we buy it from…one lady from Folkestone Kent is a total convert to locally grown veg, happy eggs and fruit fed por..,now bakes her own bread and walks to the harbour for fresh fish and is a little bemused (and very gratefull) that it took a blog from a young Mum in Oxford to wake up her ideas and get her out of the local supermarket trudge….Thanks again Becksie… have left a very great lifestyle legacy to your daughter and I am pretty sure she will use it wisely.

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