Cast and Crew part 2

So here it is, part 2 of the credits so to speak. May we first say that there are lots and lots of people also in our lives that we could have blogged about but as this is the credits to our year we’ve stuck to those who’ve been a big support during this year.

So now we thank four HUGELY important people in the lives of Team Pugh! You guessed it our parents and of course Lizzie’s grandparents. We are EXTREMELY fortunate to have our parents and to not only be loved by them all but also to have their support.

mum and dad 4We thought we’d start with Grannie as today might be her 21st birthday! You are a very caring Mum, Mum-in-Law and Grannie. You are generous and kind. You reassure us when times are hard and help us to focus on the positive when things are stressful and hard. You are very brave, very strong and very calm. You (like Uncle Phil) smell very lovely all of the time. You are extremely thoughtful and in a crisis you are the lady to have around. You are a master knitter, patient knitting (and crocheting) teacher who doesn’t get cross with the most stupid of students. You are very very good at working out logistics, packing a lot of stuff into a tiny space. Your planning and determination is something Team Pugh admire and aspire to be more like you at. You are a much loved mum to both Ian and Becksie and an adored and kind Grannie to Lizzie. We will NEVER forget the day we told you Lizzie was on the way and you were so excited you lost the ability to a) make coffee and b) stand up or sit still. You are Grannie and Mum and we love you so very much. Ps Happy 21st!mum and dad 6

mum and dad 3Poppa you are gentle yet strong! Watching you with Lizzie is an incredibly lovely sight. You are so soft and considerate always putting your family first. You see the positives in life and can also see a good joke. You are a man of peace. You are a fixer and a sorter on many levels from favourite knives to much more significant things that need fixing and sorting. You are kind and passed this skill on well to your children. You are fun and always make the best of things. You are a great supporter of us and are THE BEST mean boss scarer we’ll ever meet. Your roast potatoes and taste in toast spreads rock (although we are a little concerned about your recent meddlings in vegemite)! You stand up for what is right and always want the best for us, you are Poppa and Dad and we love you so very much.

mum and dad 8

mum and dad 1Mammar aka Little Mummy you are kind, extremely kind. Your kindness is not only practical but also very wise. Even though we often tease you you have a very wise way with words (that’s life although a now much loved family joke is in fact often the only thing one needs to say or hear). You are extremely selfless and spend hours thinking of others and their feelings, this causes you a lot of heartache but this thought does not go unnoticed. Your love for Lizzie is incredible and you are right she does idolise you but this is a privilege you have earned for the love you have shown her. You have always been the best and strongest of supports from hours spent waiting for Becksie to finish various activities like music lessons to telling Becksie she could master the art of breastfeeding the tiniest version of Lizzie. You are funny, you are a good sport and your laugh is infectious. You are gentle when needed but also firm at the right moments. You are great at cooking and baking please do it more often! You are the queen of washing – you look at wet washing and it dries (a skill Becksie did not inherit)! You are Mammar and Little Mummy and we love you so very much.

mum and dad 7

mum and dad 2Da aka Little Daddy. You are teacher and enabler, because of you we are able to do so many things. You ALWAYS believe in us even when our ideas suck! You are patient and you are kind. You are an inspiration. You stand up for what is right, you are the criteria Ian had to stand up to in order to become husband and daddy. You are kind, you are fair, you are gentle and understanding yet as the setter of moral standards you are a tough force to face when we have to justify our decisions. This is made tougher as 99% of the time you are arguing the opposite point to make us sure we are doing the right thing. You are fun! Seeing you with Lizzie makes Becksie want to be a small person again. It is obvious how much joy Lizzie brings you and we are very aware of how proud you are of us all. You taught Becksie a lot about cooking and gardening and you NEVER waste food, that’s because you know how fortunate we are to have food. You are Da and Little Daddy and we love you so very much.

mum and dad 5


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