Cast and Crew Credits Part one!

A while ago Becksie posted about how much Team Pugh love Narna. narna 12Today we follow our own advice and tell a few more folk (cast and crew i.e. the people who have made this journey possible) why we love them. It will take more than one post and we have no idea where this will go so…. bear with us…..

Ok where to start…….

Lets start by saying there is no particular order to this.

cast and crew 1

Lets start with Uncle Phil.

Having just said this is in no particular order we chose Phil as a starter (nothing like a prawn cocktail starter though) as without Uncle Phil not a single one of you would ever have read a single word of this journey. In fact this journey would never have got out the airport terminal so to speak. You see Uncle Phil is not only the VERY patient person who set up this blog, including treating us to becoming a dot com he is the one who planted part of the seed of ever starting a blog in Becksie’s head. You see Uncle Phil is ahead of the technological game and what he talked of yesterday the rest of us will discover in about three weeks. Uncle Phil you are the one who made this possible and for that we thank you. Aside from your technological brilliance you are brilliant in many other ways. Firstly you are kind, kindness and gentleness surround you in an almost visible way. You are Ian’s brother and the brother Becksie is delighted to have found. You are a wonderful uncle to Lizzie and bubbles blowing is a special trick Lizzie loves! When you find something so funny you shake with laughter we don’t always get the joke (it’s often American TV jokes which we simply don’t get) but we love to see you laugh! You are clever, you are kind, you always smell nice and we love and thank you for being Uncle Phil!

cast and crew 2

cast and crew 3Aunty Mary, you are wise! One of the wisest we know. You are also kind. You are funny and you have a hugely special talent of knowing just what to say at exactly the right second. You are the bringer of so much joy into our lives. You get Becksie on soooo many levels and are ALWAYS there for us. When Lizzie was born you were the one who came into the room and bypassed meeting the most beautiful baby to firstly check that Becksie was ok. When you were sure enough that Becksie was ok you met Lizzie but not a moment before and for this Becksie will ALWAYS be extremely touched and grateful as at the moment you did this Becksie was the MOST vulnerable she’d ever been. On a much lighter note you make awesome cake and aren’t afraid of smearing brown sauce on our faces! You are Aunty Mary and we love you.Black Forest 1

cast and crew 9Aunty Janet – you are also wise. You are a calming force. We know you think about us all lots and we know you are proud of us. You are an inspiration to Becksie! She aspires to be you in the kitchen more than she aspires to be Delia. Outside of the kitchen Becksie aspires to be as tough you – you are tough in a courageous way. You also are able to say the things that are tough to say. You are also strong, stronger than strong. You are also calm. The calm in many of Becksie’s storms – provider of temporary emotional shelter when its all been too hard. You are a teacher, you have taught us many many things, from how to blow dry hair (this came about from a hair based teenage trantrum disaster on Beckies’s part), recipes, to a very important life skill of listening. You are the grand master of listening. You are Aunty Janet and we love you and will ALWAYS be there for you.cast and crew 6

cast and crew 7Jenny – you are a relative newbie to our lives and we are pleased to have met you. You are a talented sewer and a HUGE encouragement during our supermarket free year. In fact it strikes us we have known you longer as supermarket free folk than we did before. You are very keen to help us and we love this about you. We hope Lizzie and Daisy continue their friendship in times ahead and we look forward to many future times with you and yours. You make the BEST brownie in the world FACT!jenny 1

cast and crew 10Uncle Liam – another relative newbie. You may be new but you’ve filled a gap so quicky and with such ease that it’s starting to feel like you’ve always been there. You make Aunty Narna so happy and for this fact alone you’ve already scored an a* but more than that you are really lovely and an all round wonderful chap. You are funny, your love for Lizzie is extremely apparent and this warms our heart. Its really great to know that if anything happened to us you’d be there as an extremely strong male guide for Lizzie. As we strongly hope nothing like this happens it is equally awesome to know that you are there to guide her along with us. We want you to know your opinion although new to us is EXTREMELY important to us. You are Uncle Liam and we look forward to getting to know you better. You are a much loved secret member by all fellow members!

cast and crew 11

cast and crew 12Sara – another newbie just met. This soppy stuff has probably got you either cringing or laughing out loud – but thats what we love about you – you call a spade a bl@@dy spade and that’s refreshing. You are fun and kind and setting up our WI group has been fun (and frustrating). We know we can count on you!

cast and crew 14Aunty Georgie you are a great adviser (mostly – the suggestion of using the carboot as a bottomless suitcase was not your best). You are Becksie’s oldest friend and always there for us. You are willing to roll up your sleeves and shovel up sheep poo into order to help us pull off another one of our ‘great’ ideas (namely using a sheep’s toilet as a wedding reception venue) this shows your support of us and we are so pleased to have your support. We have such a good time with you (even if we do pick on you lots) and you always understand what we are telling you even if what we are saying is not actually what we mean. You are a founder member of club 28 and when Ian embarks on his next blog ‘a year just eating Haribo’ we know you will be a VERY regular guest poster! You are Auntie Georgie and we love you very much! cast and crew 13

jam rings Sandie and EdSandie – Writing this blog has brought with it many positives but meeting a new friend like you is a HUGE reward. You are kind, you are strong and we look forward to getting to know you and the chaps even better. It’s great to have met you and you have taught us a lot already. You are the star baker and could (and should) teach old Hollywood a trick or three. Your wisest words we’ve heard to date are your advice on never rushing into anything – we try to hear your words on a daily basis. Please keep making us biscuits and being you.

It has come to our attention we don't have a picture of you to share but we seem to have photos of things you have baked for us eeeekk - oops

It has come to our attention we don’t have a picture of you to share but we seem to have photos of things you have baked for us eeeekk – oops

To be continued…………………………………….


8 thoughts on “Cast and Crew Credits Part one!

  1. A truly wonderful post…very touched to be included in it all and have the same hope! To stay in touch, to be involved and for the girls to remain friends as they grow up. I am the lucky one to have moved house with a 2 week old baby, with no friends in my new area and found you!! Long may it last… Xx

  2. Aww thank you 😄. I am honoured to be a member of Cast and Crew Team Pugh (see what I did there 😉) and love all our meets ups. I love being your friend and look forward to lots more times together. See you soon xx

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