So………. as if by magic the ordinary miracle that inspired yesterday’s post has happened. Becksie and Lizzie were doing the ‘bubbles’ that’s washing up in normal speak, and we glanced up to see our pet caterpillar has completed his transformation into the most amazing of creatures. Enjoy:

flutterby 4

flutterby 1

flutterby 2

flutterby 5


Wow – we think he must have known people had marveled at him, the most ordinary of miracles.

flutterby 7In other news we must tell you about our penultimate shop – wow – how has time fluttered by so quickly? Here we go – shop 51. A total of £37.80 done between Millets and Faringdon’s trusty market. flutterby 8This takes our total saving (so far and not even beginning to wonder how much extra we’ve saved by stopping top-up shops) to £848.23! flutterby 9

Lil's bread and....... fishy fish :)

Lil’s bread and……. fishy fish 🙂

Truly awesome!

5 days left eeek!


10 thoughts on “Flutterby

  1. Fabulous, what a lovely surprise for you. Re the savings on the shopping, thats really impressive, have you thought about how you are going to spend it yet?
    Are you gettting a bit nervous or excited at the thought of going back into a Supermarket?

    • I think we might go on a food based holiday – how very exciting 🙂 Not sure how I feel about supermarkets – its very strange the thought of going back into them

  2. I do hope your butterfly is OK, he (or she) got the timing slightly wrong! Have you decided if you’ll continue blogging, if only more occasionally? We will miss your daily email though! Well done for a truly amazing and inspirational year!

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